Friday, June 20, 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten

Joe and I walked 2 Kindergartners to school this morning and I picked up two 1st graders this evening. What a big day! Lots of transitions. Major upheavals. Lots of fun. A little stress. Some surprises. Ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. 

Today was the Kindergarten picnic. Jason said ants invaded his towel and since he's a bit afraid of bugs that put the kibosh on his fun. Kevin said he had a great time at the picnic.

It was also "Move Up Day" so the boys got to meet their new teachers and new classmates. Jason is over the moon about the fact that his best friend, Ethan, will be in his class. He knows many of his new classmates. His buddies, Pei, Lucas and Luke, will also be in his class. Jason's teacher's name is Ms. Rodriguez. She taught another grade level at McCarthy and has moved to 1st grade, replacing a retiring teacher.

Kevin has only one classmate that he knows. Fortunately, it's his good buddy, Kyle. Kevin and Kyle are "big cheeses" (meaning big personalities, funny and outgoing) so they'll know everyone by the end of the first day. Kevin's teacher's name is Ms. Leavey. 

I visited Ms. Leavey's room and WOWEE! What a room! It was huge, full of light and lots of books, activities and other neat things. Off to the side is a HUGE sun room type area with window seats. I was definitely impressed.

As for wrapping up Kindergarten, Jason got a lovely gift of books and a poem from his teacher, Mrs. Martin, and Mrs. Stanney and Ms. Souza, the teacher's aides. Kevin got a neat gift from his teacher, Ms. Galanis, a superhero coloring book and crayons.

They brought home lots of neat things. Kevin had a book of self portraits. Each month he drew a self portrait. It was very sweet to see how his drawings of himself have changed since September. Jason had a book of poems that he illustrated. There were paintings, drawings, small books they had written and illustrated. Report cards. Oddly enough, the state standards changed mid-year so updated report cards will be sent later. Blame the ever-changing state standards. 

And, then, they both brought home Summer reading lists, math activities, lists of things to do to retain their newly acquired knowledge and prevent Summer Brain Drain. Mrs. Martin evaluated and recommended several apps that we will also research for use on the boys' tablets. The new teachers sent home packets full of activities, lists, etc. Based on the package Kevin received, I am assuming that next year he'll have the teacher most likely to win the "Most Academically Aggressive Teacher" award.  

Both boys did a great job this year. We are so proud of them. They worked so hard, overcame lots of challenges, adapted to lots of strange new experiences, learned to navigate the Kindergarten social/pecking order. They were brave and compassionate. They learned to make good choices and hard choices. They are learning about who they are and how they can make a difference. 

On a side note, Kevin has decided to be a Scientist. He would like to make things that help astronauts in space. Jason would still like to be in the military but tonight he thought he'd like to invent a "napkin shooter". "That way, when someone needs a napkin, you can shoot it to them." LOL. could help astronauts in space. Right?


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