Friday, August 29, 2008

K&J Birthday post...slightly belated.


A lucky number for the Chinese.
A lucky number for the wee Dohertys.

Our lads have logged 6 months on the planet. We celebrated with cupcakes. They celebrated with vaccinations. Arg. Poor little guys.

Jason actually marked his 188th day by sprouting a tooth. A second tooth has since made an appearance. I'd say he's armed and dangerous but it's Kevin that you have to watch out for. If you hand or fingers pass near his mouth, he makes every effort to take a chomp.

Both boys are rolling around like weebles. No forward direction yet but we all know what that means.....quiet and still moments will come to an end.

Stats for the boys:
Jason: 27" long. 16 lbs 6 oz.
Kevin: 26 1/2" long. 16 lbs 11 oz.

Friday, August 1, 2008

like a rolling milestone...

Yesterday, a few days shy of his 6 month birthday celebration, Jason rolled over from back to front unassisted. And loved it. He spent a lot of time exploring the world on his stomach. Very cute. Then he rolled over from front to back, giggled at me, and then a few minutes later...back to front. According to Amanda, he did this all day long practicing to show off to Mommy when she arrived home.

Kevin, not to be outdone, has begun to swap objects from left hand to right hand. AND has really taken to eating. He loves the rice cereal and the peas. He eats it all up, and some of his brother's, too.

There isn't a prouder father out there.

I cannot believe six months have already gone by. It's truly remarkable, but I find it difficult to remember when the boyz weren't here. Then again, I would have seen The Dark Knight five times already if this were old times. (I prefer this new life over the old life). Being an older parent will have it's doubt or arguments there. But I do have to say it really is a wonderful feeling (I know, I've said it a get it...move on already).

Last night I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, "Top Gear". Those of you with BBC America should be watching this absolutely hilarious program or TiVoing it regularly. That's an order. Anyway, they were doing a report on Maserati. I began to think about the fact that most men around 40 (where I be) are beginning or in the midst of the phenomenon called "Middle age crisis". This usually involves something along the lines of a divorce, the purchasing of a ridiculous sports car (like the Maserati), sky diving, breakfast at strip clubs...basically all the things you wish you did when you were younger and before you were married, had kids, etc.

Well, the one thing I can say about myself is I've actually done everything I've ever wanted to do in life, with the one exception of playing a gig at Great Woods (Carnegie Hall would be a fine a pinch). Joe's "Bucket List" has been checked off. The thought of raising my sons is my sports car. My mid-life crisis is basically raising Kevin & Jason and enjoying the hell out of it.

Besides, can you imagine your Bora with child seats?

More later,

PS...I can't stand that I used the term or referenced the movie "Bucket List". Just wanted you to know that it's gnawing away at me.