Friday, September 4, 2009

The boys had their 18 month checkup today. Yes, they are 19 months old but it's tough to get an appointment this time of year.

Here's a photo of us all pre-haircut. The 2 shaggies and mommy.

The appointment went well. The Dr. commented several times on their easy going manner and how well-behaved they were. For those of you without children or pediatrican visit experience....there is a back and forth QA. We ask questions i.e. is it normal for them to speak Russian as such a young age? And, then, he asks questions "Do they spend time with other children? Do they get along?" etc etc

The boys are on target for growth and development.

The general overview is as follows:
Jason is in the 90th percentile for height. Layman's terms: He's one tall toddler.
He is in the 50 to 75% bracket for weight. So, he's average weight for his age.

Kevin was in the 88th percentile or 88% for height. Also, a tall toddler.
Kevin was right in the middle of the pack for weight. 50% on the dot.

The actual numbers were as follows:

Jason is 34" tall and weighs 27 lbs and 2 oz.
Kevin is 33 3/4" tall and weighs 25lbs and 8 oz.

They got flu shots and HiB shots. Kevin cried and Jason did not. We had the full Doherty team, dad and Sue.

Not much else to report. They saw fish at the Dr's office. They got 2 new Clifford the big red dog books from the Dr. Then...back home we went. Play. Snack. Nap. Although, I can hear a lot of banging overhead so the nap hasn't started yet. In fact, it sounds like furniture is being either moved or thrown.
Here are some snaps of the boys reading in their new favorite sitting spot. They are reading their new books about cars and books. Good taste in topic matters!

Have a nice Labor Day!