Friday, April 22, 2011


At the beginning of the month we visited Castle Island so that we could watch the planes land. It turned out to be a beautiful Spring day. Both boys enjoyed the airplanes. Kevin made friends with a little boy at the playground while Jason enjoyed his time throwing rocks into the ocean and yelling, "It's a beautiful day!"


Kevin gazing out to sea.

Jason throwing rocks. Look carefully and you can see the rock sailing through the air.

Kevin, annoyed by me taking his picture.

Joyful Jason at the beach.

Belated March Post

Just a quick post with some photos from March. Jason is showing us his cool dude look in Calvin Klein sunglasses. Below that Jason is clearly expressing his love for ice cream. Kevin gives Mom a big hug. One of his new "things" is to say "I'm a boy. You're my Mom and I love you." Then he gives me a great big hug and throws his head back laughing loudly. I love this game.

If he were to ask me for a pony afterwards, I'd probably say yes.