Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some More Pix from Dec 2011

2011 - December

December was another busy month. Everyone was still sick. I get sick maybe every 5 years or so, so I guess I was due as I really took it on the chin. I should've spent Christmas day and the next in bed, but did I, nooooo. Joe had lots of projects and stress at his work as did I. Despite all that we managed to sneak in some fun holiday things with the boys. It seemed as if this year more people decorated for the holidays. Asa result, we really enjoyed driving around and viewing the Christmas decorations. We visited the holiday exhibit at the Big Bass Pro shops. Always something, I tell ya.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve with Joe's family and Rob's Uncle Dave. The kids had a blast and the day flew by too fast. Christmas was fun. Kevin has entered the "rip all the paper off and tear through the gifts" phase. Jason still opens one gift at a time and savors playing with it. We had a lovely slow start with cinnamon rolls and breakfast and then eased into gifts. A light Christmas luncheon was followed by an afternoon nap.

We opened more gifts, as Jason still had many to open, while Kevin played with all his gifts (all opened in his morning frenzy) and then we had a lovely Christmas dinner and relaxed together. All in all, a nice holiday.

2011 - November

As evidenced by the following 2 pictures, November was a busy month. Here's Kevin sacked out on the sofa and later Jason fell asleep sitting upright.

November was a tough month. Everyone was sick. We had all been sick since before October and were sick of being sick. These photos are all mostly from around Thanksgiving weekend where we had a few days off. We decorated the house for Christmas. The boys decorated the tree and made a star to put on top. The boys got to sneak a peek at a Harry Potter movie and you can see Jason pretending to be Harry Potter in one of the pictures below. Jason has always been fascinated by my Harry Potter book covers. When he discovered that there is a movie, well, wasn't he thrilled!

Both boys started really working with scissors and having a great time cutting lots of itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny pieces of paper. On the big news front, the boys had a few Fridays off from playgroup so we started potty training. We had run out of diapers and I told the boys on Friday the 11th that we were not buying anymore. We put them in underwear on Saturday AM and by Sunday afternoon, they were had figured it out. Joe and I had read roughly 6 potty training books with all kinds of advice and approaches. Dr T. Berry Brazelton is right. When the kid is ready, it'll be a breeze. The boys did great. We put them in Mickey Mouse and Star Wars underwear and light gray sweatpants so they could see/feel wetness. For rewards, we started with stickers and then advanced to M&Ms for pee and lollipops for poo. After a few days, the kids were pretty tired of candy. (Nice side effect!) So Sue started using raisins, apples and gummy fruits for rewards. When Christmas got near, we started using gold coins. Kevin still asks for coins but we've pretty much phased out rewards.

More Pix

Some Cute PIx from the Fall

2011 - October

In October we celebrated Sue's third anniversary as our nanny. Nanny doesn't even begin to capture everything that Sue does and how much she means to us all. We are very blessed to have Sue as a part of our family. Here's a pic of our celebration of Sue.

We also celebrated Cindi's and my birthday on Columbus Day weekend. We picked apples and had a lovely time with the whole family.

October was a funny month. Kevin invented a new way to use utensils.

The boys, notorious for disliking hair cuts, behaved very well during a Saturday AM haircutting session with Mama and so were rewarded with crazy, big all-day suckers.

On Columbus Day it was in the mid to high 70s and yet, the month ended with a freak snowstorm. The boys had a great time. Kevin and I built a snowman and Jason ate snow.

Halloween was a lot fun. The boys were fire fighters. We started off with a quick visit to our neighbors the Howards and the O'Briens. The boys weren't especially into Halloween.....initially. After the first few rounds of Trick or Treaters, Joe asked the boys if they'd like to go out for more candy and OH BOY WERE THEY! Off they went! Up and down the street to every house they could. I could see 2 sets of reflective yellow stripes walking next to Joe. The boys had finally figured out the true meaning of Halloween. CANDY!