Sunday, January 26, 2014

Catching up 2013 - December - Holiday fun

We wanted to make sure that in the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas that we fit in some holiday fun. We had a bit of snow so there were a few snowball fights. The snow was not good for snowmen but given how our winter is going, we still have plenty of time to build snowmen.

We decided to brave howling winds and driving rain (in December!?) to visit the Santa's Village display in Avon. I had seen the famous displays once, just before they were dismantled and discontinued. Joe had fond memories of seeing the window displays as a child and we both though the boys  might enjoy them.

The displays are similar to the displays in the windows of downtown Cincinnati department stores that we visited as a family many years ago.


Christmas band

Carolers in the snow

Joe, Jason, Kevin and Kathy and Santa

Jason views the display

Happy Holidays Joe

Kevin and Jason enjoying the displays

A girl in the Milliner's shop

The Milliner's shop

Hi monkey

The newspaper stand

Children enjoying Christmas

The malt shop

Children in the malt shop

A shoe shine and a young boy

Catching up 2013 - December - Making Christmas

Below are some pix of the various holiday decorations around the house and the tree. These are taken out of sequence, meaning some in early December and then some after Christmas. The tree has ornaments from Pop and Gram (my grandparents), Mom and Dad (Opa and Oma), Joe and Diana (Mimi and Papa) and Diane. Additionally, every year I give Joe and the boys an ornament. This year Kevin picked his (a large, round red ornament with silver glitter that wraps around it), Jason's (a red, blue and yellow shiny airplane) and Joe (a large glass ornament that has white glitter and looks like a starlight mint candy).


Angel tree topper, snowflake, brass deer, wood bear, Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Cardinal, Kevin's Snowman on a train, Joe's snowman, Jason's 2014 ornament - an airplane, lighthouse, Kevin's swirly, planet made in 2012, crocheted angle.

Silver gift box, Christmas elf, crocheted angel and star, Kevin's baby's first year ornament, "Believe" ornament (blue glass beneath elf), Aric's photo ornament, gingerbread angel, paper bells, candy canes

The Christmas express arrives carrying crocheted snowmen, Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Doherty Christmas tree 2013

Decorated with ornaments from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's.

If only we could keep the cats out of the tree.....

Catching up - 2013 - November - Making Christmas

With Christmas just a few weeks away, we got down to the business of making Christmas. The boys helped decorate the house. Then we decorated a Christmas tree for their room. The boys carefully wrote out their letters to Santa.

The boys decorated this tree to display in their room.
Note the holiday colors and The Hulk at the top.

The boys are proud of their holiday spirit and their tree.

Writing to Santa

Dear Santa,
I would like an air craft carrier, an air raid EZ to transform.

Dear Santa,
I would like a pillow pet and a big red bouncy ball and a 
Batman Gotham City.

Kevin carefully writes his letter.

Catching Up - 2013 - Thanksgiving

This year Mimi and Papa joined us for Thanksgiving. We had a lovely time. Jason captured the holiday with the following photos.

And then I took some photos too.

Papa, Kevin and Jason strike their super hero poses

The super heroes protect Mimi

At least we clean up well....

Catching up - 2013 - Scuba Divers

Saturday night is bath night. The boys each get about an hour to play and enjoy some quiet time in the bath. Sometimes each boy will fish or shoot water guns or blow bubbles. On this night, each wanted to be a scuba diver and look for sharks and fish.

James Bond Junior

Kevin spies a shark

Jason is ready for Sea Hunt

Kevin Cousteau

Catching Up - 2013 - November - Super hero Jason

The boys love to dress up. Sometimes they are police or firemen or Batman and Robin. On this day, Jason made up his own super hero.

Catching Up 2 - 2013 - October

October flew by in the wink of an eye. For some in our house, it was all a big build up to c-a-n-d-y.
The boys talked daily about what they would wear, what they would get and what they would eat.
We decorated the house, carved pumpkins and had several costume/wardrobe trials.
Enjoy the photos!

Jason - his Jack O'Lantern design

Jason loves Halloween

Kevin and his Jack O'Lantern design

Kevin poses nicely

Robin and The Flash are ready to trick or treat

The viburnum and the hydrangea

2013 - Catching up - September - Aric and Tori's Wedding

September was a great month. Terrific weather, lost teeth, first day of school, birthday, and a wedding. Joe and I attended my nephew's wedding. Aric and Tori got married on September 14th. They had a lovely ceremony on the lake followed by a terrific reception. Below are some pictures.


Aric and Tori cut the cake

A sunset ceremony

Chris and Diane visiting

The wedding party
Mom and Dad