Friday, December 11, 2009

wee Tom Ford?

Tom Ford? If you're scratching your head wondering who he is, he's a leading fashion designer. I type "Tom Ford?" not to discuss the actual person but because of my experience with wee Kicky this AM. Today was the first day/time that he indicated any interest in his outfit. I'd dressed him and realized afterwards that his shirt was too small. Not tight enough to prevent him from breathing, not "Simon Cowell" tight but clearly....not going to cut it.

So, I strip the shirt off. He scowls and runs to the other side of the room. I say "C'mon, I have a new shirt. It's even better than the striped one. Look, it has pirate monkeys on it." Now, pirate monkeys are pretty cool, right? It was black and red and I thought any little boy would be ok with it. But nooooo. Kicky continues to scowl and looks at the shirt and then says "no monk". Hmm.

So plan B. "Ok, no pirate monkeys. How about......Cookie monster?" Big smile and he runs over to me with his arms raised over his head. So, there it is.

I'm not complaining. Please don't interpret this post as such. Most days it's a huge struggle to get Mr. I like to run around in my diaper Kickster into any clothing. He hates having his diaper or his clothes changed. You have to be prepared with an assortment of distractions and silly songs. I cannot even begin to imagine his teen years.

This parenting is real work, I tell ya.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Energizer Bunnies

The boys are now 22 months old. When people ask. We say 1 and half. We don't do months around here. When people give them an eyeful and say "wow...big for 1 and a half". It's a bit obvious that they think the boys are 18 months. But we nod and say "yes". The boys have descended from 2 tall tribes.
They've grown in just the past 2 weeks. No lie. Seriously. Pants that had to be cuffed 2 weeks ago now fit perfectly. All the 18 mo clothing....forgetaboutit.

So, now that they are at such a ripe age....I'll update their likes and dislikes.

Taking toys/books from Jason
Trying to get Jason to chase him
Riding on his airplane
Munch the Moose
Oswald (the cartoon Octopus) and his dog Weenie
Thomas the Tank Engine
School buses
Construction trucks especially diggers, bulldozers and dump trucks
Any and all fruit
Most vegetables
Ernie, Bert, Elmo and Cookie Monster
When Oscar sings "I love trash"
Playing the kazoo (we discovered this tonight)
Playing the drums
Splashing in the bath
The word "Tiddliwinks" He bursts out in giggles
The words "Whirly bird" ditto
Being wet, getting wet, anything water related
Sweeping with his broom/riding it like a horse
Noodles (as in pasta)

Not getting his way
Having to share
The cold
The snow
Being out in the cold and in the snow
Tight clothing
Anything around his neck
Socks and shoes

What's changed for our wee Kicky? Well, when not annoying brother or having a tantrum, he is mostly likely to be found chasing the cats. His new hobby is to grab their tails and not let go. He no longer sighs when he sees Abby Cadabby. I suppose it had to end sometime. His molars are driving him nuts. We'll all be relieved when this teething thing is OV-ER! He still has the cutest little giggle. It's infectious. He has a fake laugh that he does now. It's pretty funny too as it sounds like "ha ha ha" and you can tell it isn't his genuine laugh. His imagination is really kicking into high gear. At breakfast he sits holding his bacon and puts it to his mouth and smacks his lips and says "yummy yummy yummy" and "mmm mmm mmm". But then he doesn't it eat. He just pretends to eat it. Sometimes he feeds Fred the bacon.

Playing drums
Playing piano
Playing clarinet (we discovered this tonight)
Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster
World music
1940's music
Three Blind Mice
Building blocks
Calling Oma, Opa, Mimi and Papa on the phone
Watching his reflection in the oven door
Sweeping with his broom/riding it like a horse
Oswald (the cartoon Octopus) and his dog Weenie
Thomas the Tank Engine
School buses
Construction trucks especially bulldozers and dump trucks
Noodles (as in pasta)

His brother but just sometimes, when he's annoying
Most fruits
That he can't watch more TV, he asks for it daily
Being told "no" or any form/derivative of "no"

And what has changed for our Jumpy? He's become more extroverted. He frequently climbs on his step stool and makes speeches. Loud ones. Emphatic ones. He is intensely interested in every book he picks up. He yanks all the pillows off of his favorite rocking chair and then climbs up into it with a book. He'll sit there for a half hour just studying his book and ignoring everyone else. At dinner he likes to make phone calls. He is very chatty but then when he's done...that's it. Conversation over. Jason's imagination, like his brother's, is very evident. As is his sense of humor. His new favorite thing is to pull his hand into his sleeve and then say "OH NOO" and wave his arm around. Then after you say "Oh No! Where's Jason's hand?!" He'll push his hand out and do a little "Ta-DAH!" kind of thing with his arms and burst out laughing.

Sadly (mostly for me as a woman and a mom), both boys find passing wind out of either end, to be hilarious. They are boys through and through.

Well, that's the view of the world from ToddlerTown, USA at 22 months and 9:33 pm on a Wednesday night.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Belated Thanksgiving wishes to all. I hope your day was filled with all good things. If turkey is your thing, then hopefully you got your fill of bird. If it's tacos, well you know what the Taco Bell dog used to say Yo Queiro Taco Bell.

The boys had a great holiday aside from a cold. The day started off nicely. Beautiful weather. Oddly warm for so late in the year. The week had been a sad one as Brian Swanson, Joe's cousin, passed away on Friday the 20th. Brian courageously fought his cancers and was an amazing example of grace, love and strength. It was heart warming and bittersweet to see the turnout at his wakes. So many people whose lives he touched and such a huge hole he's left in the world by his absence.

By the time Thanksgiving arrived, everyone was grateful to be together and hugs were tighter and eyes were moister.

Joey, Joe's nephew, read a heartwarming Thanksgiving speech. Hid dad, Rob, read a funny and touching speech as well. Molly, Joe's neice, rounded out the speeches with her own special touch. Prayers and then the feast.

It was a fun day and it was sad to see it end. I was grateful for so much and on a light-hearted note, I was especially relieved and thankful that we made it to and from Mimi and Papa's without anyone getting carsick. Phew and yay.

The boys have been doing great. New words and new concepts being grasped on a daily basis. I asked Jason to take a bite of his chicken nugget, he did and then he said "bock bock". "Yes, that is the sound a chicken makes." Apparently he has no issue with eating chickens. Kevin tends to bypass meat and favors fruit and veggies. He loveslovesloves Pomegranate seeds.
Kevin unfortunately contracted the words "fire" and "truck" last Friday. I kindly spelled out the words for him and encouraged him to use both words. Oddly enough, nearly every word that starts with "f" rhymes more with "truck" than what it should sound like. Funny Kevin.
The boys are continuing to develop along separate paths. Tonight at dinner we had a difference of opinion of the group sing song. Jumpy wanted "Three Blind Mice" and Kicky wanted 'Do Re Mi". Whenever I'd start Do Re Mi, Jumpy would chant "mice mice mice mice mice mice". If I started to sing "Three Blind Mice" then Kicky would chante "do do do do do". Guess you can't make everyone happy.

Jason is very into Thomas the Tank Engine and every day points at the TV and says "choo choo Thomas". Kevin doesn't seem to havea preference and frequently says "Oso" or "elmo" but he doesn't really ask for TV. If it's on, great, if not, that's fine too.
Kevin prefers the Little People playsets that we have. And, taking toys away from Jason.

The Little People Nativity is a B-I-G hit. Kevin likes to place Jesus on top of the stable where the angel should go. He has also taken a shine to Asian King. Jason likes to tell me that the camel has a boo-boo. The camel is fine.

The house is decorated for the holidays. I did it while the boys watched so that there would be no surprises. The tree is not impressive to them but they do love one decoration that is an old fashioned Santa sitting on a half moon. They also like a light up snowman.

Speaking of snow. Today we went out and played in the snow. It was their first time in the white stuff. The initial responses: Kicky - got to the bottom of the stoop and turned right around to go back into the house. I convinced him to go to the end of the walk. Then he turned around and headed back toward the steps. He made a pitstop at the pumpkins, now covered with snow and ate some snow. Then headed for the stairs. Oh well.

Jason marched around the yard and seemed fine with everything. Both boys swung, played in their playset and then chased balls around. It took more time to get them buncled up then to do all that stuff but they did seem to enjoy themselves.

Not much other news. Take care.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wicked Smaht

One day last week as I sang the "ABC song" Jason joined in at the end singing "now I know my ABCs". I was surprised. I knew he was familiar with the song but didn't know that he knew the lyrics well enough to jump in. Yay Jason!

I'm redecorating the boys room. Or more accurately, I'm decorating the boys' room. When the boys were born, we did not decorate the nursery other than hanging a clock, a photo of the boys' baptism and a few other objects. I thought it made more sense to decorate when we knew what they liked. We had John Singer Sargeant (The Orchestra at the Winter Circus) and Van Gogh (Starry Night) posters hanging in their room. When Van Gogh fell down, I removed it. Over the weekend, Sargeant fell down. Both boys have done much pointing and grunting and reminding/nagging me about the poster being down so....I'm taking this opportunity to decorate properly.

Because both boys seem to like nearly everything....trucks, cars, animals, books, planes, rocketships and planets we're lucky in that we're not limited to one theme but then I don't want to do multiple themes either. I've opted to go with a typography theme...letters and numbers in different sizes and colors.

The decorating is something that I do while they are in the room as Jason doesn't like change and if he notices something different or missing, he gets upset and insists on having things returned to their earlier state. I know this sounds a bit unbelieveable, but trust me, it's true. Last weekend I took down Halloween. You'd think I was torturing him. He whined and grimaced and did a bit of fake crying. He didn't want to see the decorations go. I gave him a tombstone to carry around and that assuaged him for a bit.
While the boys napped I finished decorating the mantle, moving things around and hanging new items. When I brought Jason downstairs after his nap, the first words out of his mouth were, "STAR!" and he pointed to where I hung a star on the wall. Then he pointed to the mantle and said "Mama". I hung our wedding portrait over the fireplace. So he quickly pointed out the different things and gave me the grimace face. I opted for the time-tested solution of "How about some milk?!"

So, I decorate with them in the room so that they are part of the process and so that nothing is sprung on them catching them offguard. So far, so good. The number cards I hung yesterday well received. Today I put up some alphabet letters - again...big hit.

Jason enjoys the alphabet border. Joe or I will say "Can you find the O?" and he'll point and say "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH". Joe got Jason to say most of the end of the alphabet from L to V.

We paid a visit to Joe's sister and her family over the weekend. The boys had a great time and are completely enamored of their cousins. Kicky and Jumpy had a great time running around and playing with Molly and Joey.

Jason likes the phone. Real phones, play phones, doesn't matter. I'll catch him sitting and talking on his play phone and I'll ask him "Who are you talking to?" Sometimes he'll answer sometimes he gives me a look that says "Hey, I'm talking here...."

A few times at dinner or when we're playing he has said "phone phone phone". I'll ask "Who do you want to phone?" One evening at dinner he said "Oma" so we called Oma and he chatted away. One afternoon he said "Meem" - his way of saying Mimi. So we called Mimi and he chatted away. He's definitely not phone shy. He talks away and answers questions - sometimes by only nodding but still he listens and answers.

Kevin likes to jump into the conversation too but he doesn't seem to be as good a conversationalist. He'll talk and then walk away so the other party isn't heard or answered. Oh well.

More new words. Home, green bean, ham, sit, sofa, stuck, Oswald, Oso (as in Special Agent Oso), choo choo, oink, honk, Bob the bus driver which sounds like "Bob bus drive", "No more monkey" as in "no more monkeys jumping on the bed", phone, please and thank you sound more like please and thank you and less like peas and tanku.

The guys are perfecting their stair climbing and descending. Today when I showed Kevin his cup of milk, he turned and put his lego block on the bookshelf and then came over to get his milk. As opposed to chucking the block onto the floor. Nice cleaning up Kevin! Both boys love to sweep and have boy-size brooms. After meals, they sweep the kitchen floor and the hallway. Sometimes they have a light saber duel but they mostly keep the bristles on the floor.

The pix in this post are from KetchupFest 2009.

Have a good one.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A funny video

This video is a good example of many things.
1. Kevin and his new favorite food (ketchup)
2. Why dinner is always entertaining at our house
3. There is more than one way to do anything
4. Why art imitates life, life is always funnier
5. You don't have to be rich to enjoy life, ketchup and a digital camera = priceless

This video is a bit shaky because I am laughing so hard while filming.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween ya'll.
The boys had a fun Halloween.
They were both Spiderman.
Shockingly, Joe opted for these
instead of Yoda, Luke Skywalker,
and Thing 1 and 2.
We set out at dusk and paid
visits to several of our
neighbors who know the boys.
They boys seemed to enjoy
themselves. We didn't collect
candy as the boys aren't that
into sweets.

As dark fell, we headed home and had
a nice pasta dinner while Dr. Daddy
handed out candy. After dinner, the boys helped Dad hand out treats.There were lots of trick or treaters this
year. Loads of great costumes. The kid
who was a fridge, the baby who was a
lobster. All adorable.

Here's a picture of Dr. Daddy with Spiderman Jason.
Below that is a picture of me with the boys.
Next up...Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some pix, some words, a story and some news

The bath post had no pix so here are a few.

Over the past 2 days the lexicon has grown to include:
trick or treat
bus driver (well, something close to that)
seeds (as in pomegranate seeds)
dip dip (aka pancake syrup)

The story:
Last night during dinner, Jason says "phone". I acknowledge the new word, "Wow. Phone." But he keeps on "Phone. Phone. Phone."

So, I ask, "Who would you like to phone?" No answer. "Daddy?" I ask. A great big smile and a nod. Yesterday was Comics Wednesday, so Joe was out visiting with IANO and Joe O. I grab the phone and we call Daddy.

The conversation was hilarious. Jason was very chatty and told his Dad about his day and about playing and dinner and on and on. Kevin piped up and added some chatter. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell. Little did you know all those years ago how important your invention would be and what good would come of it. Then we wrapped up the conversation. Kisses, goodbyes and then back to dinner. All pretty funny.

And now the news. Joe's cousin Brian is not doing well. Not at all. We were told he would probably make it through the holidays and into the new year. However this morning we learned that he might have just days. His cancer has spread to his stomach and things just couldn't be worse. If you are a prayer, please offer one up for Brian, Kathy and Merry. If you aren't, any positive thoughts you can offer are appreciated too.

Then, hug your loved ones and tell them you love them.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New words and reaching milestones

The boys are learning new words every day as mentioned before. Their recognition of words, phrases and concepts continually amazes me. Over the weekend, Jason picked up a stuffed Stitch (from Disney's Lilo & Stitch) and started naming his facial features. Very cute and astute. But then this kind of thing can get weird...for example...during Saturday night's bath as we wash all his body parts, Jason starts touching and poking himself, specifically his penis. We call it a penis. No cutesy names or nicknames. It is what it is. Well, despite an inability to say the word they obviously know what the word means because after I acknowledged Jason's actions by saying, "Yes, we washed your penis." Kevin grabs his own and then reaches over and grabs Jason's. Ye-OW. Jason pushed his hand away and stood saying loudly, " UP!" Bathtime was OV-ERRR for Jason. I don't blame him.

Children's development books say that by 20 months kids should be able to name 6 body parts. Well, we've got that covered.

FYI: No cute pix of the boys naked in the bath. Didn't you hear about the people who lost custody of their kids because Walmart thought their bathtime photos were porn?
So silly but

Friday, October 23, 2009

No big news today but lots of little things. The boys are changing daily. Not the way they did when they were infants but in so many different ways. It seems as if they look a bit more mature each day and they are starting to mimic Joe's and/or my mannerisms and facial expressions. I know where Jason gets that scowly eyebrow look and it's not from Bert. They are showing and telling us that they are becoming individuals as they display interest in new things or different things.

Reading continues to be a big deal at our house. No surprise given Joe's and my love of books and reading. Of course, the boys won't be allowed anywhere near Joe's collection of horror and suspense tomes for many years to come but in the meantime the boys are enjoying their own expanding library. In the pic above you see us enjoying Curious George Visits the Zoo. They are able to sit through longer stories now.

Other developments...The nighttime cup of milk is gone, having been replaced by one-on-one reading and cuddle time. Before bedtime, the four of us read together with me reading a book or 2 and then Joe reading a story or 2. Then it's prayers and we part with each parent taking a boy and going off to cuddle and read stories and (formerly) giving each boy his milk. The no-more-milk transition was gradual and the boys did great. The one-on-one mom/dad reading time seems to be an acceptable milk-substitute for the boys.

The boys are purdy smart. Each night after the family reads, I'll say, "Ok, time for prayers" and roughly half the time that is the cue for the boys to jump up and run to a toy and start playing acting as if they didn't hear me.

Both boys have learned how to use small ride-on toys. Here is a pic of Jason on an airplane. Kevin tends to stand over his ride and walk. A pretty funny visual.

Here's a cute pic taken by my folks. Jason is flying around the kitchen while Kevin is doing "happy feet" something akin to tap dancing.

Last night we had a traffic jam in the kitchen table rotary followed by a driver meltdown. Once we got all traffic going clockwise, calm was restored.

More cute kid tricks: Jason knows what certain animals say. So if you ask him "What does the cow/dog/cat/pig/duck/goose say?" He'll answer correctly. When I say, "What does Mommy say?" Sometimes he'll respond, "No." ha. ha. ha. Thanks.

Jason caught mid-flight.

It's difficult to tell what's going on in this one, eh? It's a snap of Kevin upside down on the changing bureau. He has Fred's ear in his mouth and trying to shimmy off the table while Joe valiantly tries to hold on to him AND change his diaper. Good luck with that Joe.

Kevin has finally found some favorite songs after months of not seeming to enjoy Jason's dinner music choices. Oscar the Grouch's "I love trash" and Ernie's "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" are the big favorites as of last night when I found the missing Sesame Street CD and popped it in. Given his love for Cookie Monster I thought "C is for Cookie" would've been a hit but nope.

I made a new CD for the dinner hour and Jason has picked a couple of new favorites. This is a relief as we're all bit tired of "Popeye the Sailor Man". And, while Chickory Chick is still enjoyed, it's a big relief that Jason's taste has branched out to include the Bay City Rollers' "Saturday Night" and "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow". I'm still holding out hope that he'll start to enjoy "I Like Bananas, Because They Don't Have Bones" a cute song from the 30's/40's.

Well, that's it for now ladies, gentlemen and ships at sea. Bundle up, it's going to a wet and chilly night.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally! An update!


Belated Autumnal equinox wishes and
early Happy Halloween wishes.
The Autumn has been a busy and brutal one so the blog has been neglected.
The boys have been growing and changing minute by minute.

Here's some backstory and loads of pix to get everyone up to speed.


<-- Cool white Bengal tiger at Southwick

Aunt Diane, Oma and Opa came to visit in May. They took the boys on many adventures that included visiting Joan and Ed's Deli - a family fave, the Christmas Tree Shop (a fave among the women in the family), a trip to the Southwick Zoo, and lots of fun running around the house, up and down the hall, and all over the backyard.

In July Oma and Opa visited again helping us out while Nanny Sue moved into her new cottage. Oma, Opa, Mimi and Papa took the boys to their favorite deli and then out shopping. Oma, Opa, the boys and I visited Southwick Zoo on possibly the hottest and muggiest day of the year. But what a great day and a fun time!

It was so much fun and I recommend the zoo to everyone as it's a great place to walk/exercise and see animals. One of the funnier stories from the day occurred when we were strolling through the deer park and stopped to sit on a bench next to a bog. Jason pinched his nose and said "pfft" which was his version of "P.U.". And yes, the bog did have an odor.

The boys have had daily adventures over the past few months such as meeting the new mail person and getting to see the mail truck up close (this is a really big deal to them), meeting Police Woman Kathy who gave them cool police badge stickers and a balsa wood airplane kit, seing a Ferrari drive up our street (ok, I was the one that found that to be cool), lots of fun walks with Sue, blowing bubbles in the backyard, learning how to go down the slide, swinging on the playground and so much more.

This was the second year that the boys participated in our annual apple picking adventure. They had a great time running in the field, picking apples and eating apples. They both had an apple in their hands or in their mouths throughout the whole afternoon. They laughed themselves silly watching their cousins Molly and Joey. Interestingly enough, as exciting as the apple picking was....the boys were fascinated and obsessed with all the airplanes that flew over the orchard. At the end of our adventure, Kevin spied a plane and then chased after it through the orchard. I tried to explain that the plane was going home and so were we.

The boys are both seriously tall. And, someone keeps feeding them rocks or putting rolls of quarters in their pockets, at least that is what my back tells me. The boys can climb the stairs and are starting to experiment with going down. The words are coming fast and furious with new words on a daily basis. A sampling: cheetah, up, down, pumpkin, street light, pirate (new today in fact), bus driver, no, more, mower, and noodle. Kevin is our daredevil, practicing jumping down from anything and everything. Jason loves to be spun in the swiveling, rocking chair. Both boys are adept at figuring out how things work. Kevin knows how to undo the buckle in the stroller. Jason knows how to undo the babygate at the nursery door...good thing he doesn't know how to pull back the safety latch.

<-- Joey, Jason, Kevin and Molly

They both enjoyed the snowfall on Sunday and spent a lot of time standing at the nursery windows watching the big fat flakes fall.

New favorite songs: "Summertime" (as in "sum-sum-sum summertime, sum-sum-sum summertime), "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Row row row your boat", "Oom pow pow", "I Don't Want to Live On the Moon", and "Twinkle Twinkle".

<-- Post apple picking exhaustion!

The still love to read. Kevin's love of cars increases daily. His favorite comic book is based on the movie "Cars". We attended the neighbors annual "party in the driveway" and Kevin spent the entire time hovering around another party goer's cherry red Mini Cooper. He was completely fascinated by it and I couldn't deter him.

Jason's love of music equals his brother's car passion. He typically picks our dinner music and will ask for music by making a funny clicking sound. Different clicks mean different songs. However, he asks for "Summertime" by saying "sum sum sum" and "Row Your Boat" is (obviously) "row row row". "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and the accompanying hand motion of a climbing spider. He also loves "Peer Gynt Suite" but hasn't figured out how to ask for it or perhaps I'm not getting his hints?

He plays the drums and xylophone and when we visit Mimi and Papa's he plays their piano and organ. He created an impressive fugue on the organ 2 weeks ago. A bit dark but impressive.

Both boys need a haircut. But, they are so cute with that mod shaggy look...besides...a haircut is going to just make them look older and more like little boys. Speaking of, they've lost their baby-ish-ness. They are truly little boys. I noticed over the weekend that Kevin, who was clinging to his last bit of baby, was finally, really toddler. Those photos at the top of them in swings....don't their legs look a mile long? Cuties.

Take care!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The boys had their 18 month checkup today. Yes, they are 19 months old but it's tough to get an appointment this time of year.

Here's a photo of us all pre-haircut. The 2 shaggies and mommy.

The appointment went well. The Dr. commented several times on their easy going manner and how well-behaved they were. For those of you without children or pediatrican visit experience....there is a back and forth QA. We ask questions i.e. is it normal for them to speak Russian as such a young age? And, then, he asks questions "Do they spend time with other children? Do they get along?" etc etc

The boys are on target for growth and development.

The general overview is as follows:
Jason is in the 90th percentile for height. Layman's terms: He's one tall toddler.
He is in the 50 to 75% bracket for weight. So, he's average weight for his age.

Kevin was in the 88th percentile or 88% for height. Also, a tall toddler.
Kevin was right in the middle of the pack for weight. 50% on the dot.

The actual numbers were as follows:

Jason is 34" tall and weighs 27 lbs and 2 oz.
Kevin is 33 3/4" tall and weighs 25lbs and 8 oz.

They got flu shots and HiB shots. Kevin cried and Jason did not. We had the full Doherty team, dad and Sue.

Not much else to report. They saw fish at the Dr's office. They got 2 new Clifford the big red dog books from the Dr. Then...back home we went. Play. Snack. Nap. Although, I can hear a lot of banging overhead so the nap hasn't started yet. In fact, it sounds like furniture is being either moved or thrown.
Here are some snaps of the boys reading in their new favorite sitting spot. They are reading their new books about cars and books. Good taste in topic matters!

Have a nice Labor Day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

1 1/2

Sorry for no post of late. Vacation, work overload and then the recent IE Service pack update have all kept me from being able to blog. Lots to tell ya'll but first .. a late milestone post.

The boys turned 1 1/2 on August 8th. Remember that we don't do months but for those of you still offering your age in months, the boys are 18 months old.

It's incredible to Joe and to me that the time has passed so quickly. The boys are really so amazing and we're having so much fun and perhaps that is why the time is fleeting. This post will be a brief one but I'll do a longer one detailing the past month and Oma's and Opa's visit.

27.2 lbs
3' tall (not a scientific measurement but complete guess)
Size 7 shoe
Wears 24 mo size clothing
curly hair

Jason likes:
Figuring out how things work
Figuring out how things are built
Watching people
Playing the drums
Playing the maracas
Favorite songs: I Walk The Earth by King Biscuit Time, Chicory Chick by Sammy Kaye, Summer on the Animal Kingdom soundtrack, I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat by Mel Blanc
Favorite Sesame Character: Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster
Favorite books: Little People Farm Flap book, The Little Engine That Could, Gallop, Fairytale book

26.2 lbs
3' tall (again, a total guess)
Size 6 1/2 shoe
Wears 12-18 mo size clothing
wavy hair

Kevin likes:
Running around the house
Chasing/popping bubbles
Blowing bubbles in his milk
Favorite Sesame Character: Abby Cadabby, Oscar (pronounced Ok-ar)
Favorite books: Little People Search for Hippos, Elmo's Blanket, Zoom zoom, Baa Baa

Lots of new words from both lads: apple, Barry, Patriots, octopus, drive the bus (if you've read Mo Willems' "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" then this will make sense), upupup, spaceship (pretty close anyway), I see, ear, mouth, eyes, octopus, ball, bat, muah, Opa.

Jason is into making a fish face. The new issue of Animal Babies arrived and in it a little girl makes a fish face and on the opposite page is a fish face. Jason felt inspired enough to make his own fish face.

Kevin is into climbing everything. If left unattended, it's a certainty that upon return he'll be standing on something that he's climbed. He does a funny little dance shaking his booty after he's managed to climb up on something. It's something like a victory dance.

Speaking of dancing. Both boys like to. Kevin does a funny little thing that my parents called "happy feet" and that name has stuck. If you ask Kevin to show you his happy feet, he'll start dancing around. Cutey. Both boys like to dance and they are so darn cute when they do it.

Jason is big-time into music. We've heard King Biscuit Time's I Walk the Earth more times than anyone else on the Earth. I've been trying to expose him to more songs and Jason has expanded his special music list to include Mel Blanc and Sammy Kaye. Kevin is good natured about hearing the same song a zillion times and hasn't registered any complaints.

Must run. Ta!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jumpy and Kicky's Big 4th of July Weekend Part I

Belated wishes of independence to you all. I'll dispense with the build up and get right to the interesting tidbits. K + J had a big biG bIG BIG weekend. On Friday, the 3rd, they went to a real shoe store and got real big boy shoes. We actually cheesed out a bit and did not get tie shoes but ones with velcro. We figure these shoes will prob fit for a NY minute so why spend precious seconds (un)tying laces?

Jason got some nifty Teva like Stride Rites and Kevin got a sharp Stride Rite sandal, fisherman style. See the pix? Jason's are the brown, Kevin's the blue.

No, we won't make them wear socks. That was just for the breaking in period. The boys got gelatto after their shoe shopping experience. Kevin likes vanilla. Jason, chocolate. We sat enjoying our frosty treat while a massive thunder and lightning storm raged outside.

On Saturday we attended the Buzzards Bay 4th of July parade and there's more about that in the post below (see Part II). On Sunday, Mimi and Papa came to play and oh boy, what fun! The weather was terrific and they all went for a walk and played at the playground. The boys had a blast.

Below are some snaps of different things. The boys have more access to different parts of the house now that they can walk. They enjoy being in the kitchen. They like to take my OXO spatulas and play the drums on the trash can. If you are ever a dinner guest, do not worry, I put them in the dishwasher for a good sanitizing AND I wipe down the can each night with a Clorox wipe.

This is Kevin's "You are annoying me" face. I love it. I laugh every time. Sometimes he makes a little hissy/rattling/purring noise that further communicates his annoyance. Hilarious.

Kevin likes the light in the hallway. See the spatula?

Here are the boys at the parade. It was hot. They were hot. But they had much fun!

Mom, Kevin and Jason enjoy the parade. (Like the action pose?)

Jason does his Buddy Rich impression. He's quite the drummer!