Thursday, November 18, 2010


When we had a camera with an operating lens, the boys loved it when we took a picture with the flash. They would wait for the flash to pop and then cover their eyes and yell "OHHHHH!" Here are Jumpy, Kicky and Mama reenacting the game for your viewing pleasure.

See What Develops - well, not anymore

See What Develops.
Polaroid's tagline from another decade, not this one.
This blog title has many meanings.
One, Joe is a former Polaroid employee. (He's only a little bitter.) Two, it's always fun to take shots and see what you end up with. The best shots tend to be just dumb luck shots. The "everyone pose and say cheese" shots tend to not be our best ones. They are typically pretty funny however. Three, our camera probably is not going to be developing or doing anything anymore.

Chalk it up to poor parental judgement and gravity.

Yes, you can see where this is going. Child takes camera, parent thinks it's cute, second parent thinks it's cute. Neither parent has common sense to take camera away. A few snaps and then crash, bang, oh s@#t, and a bent lens. Well, in our house it's "you get what you get and you don't get upset". So, we didn't.

Kevin's artsy photo #1

Posted here are 3 photos from one of the boys' favorite games "OH The Flash is too bright!" A game we'll play no more, alas.

Also posted are some of wee Kevin's creative artsy photos. Followed by the last known photo taken by the camera.

Note: the next few posts will contain older photos or no photos.

Kevin's artsy photo #2

Last known photo