Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to Joe

Joe celebrated his birthday on Saturday. He generously shared his day with the boys and Chuck E. Cheese. The folks at Chuck E. Cheese's were quite nice to Joe. They gave him a cute birthday sticker and a birthday medallion. Today however, Joe got his due with toffee waffles, ham and a Ben & Jerry's ice cream cake made with his new favorite flavors: candy pie and Americone. 

Birthday father and son

Joe's ice cream cake

Jason took this photo of his dad

Birthday boy Joe

The cake

Joe and his boys

The  boys give their dad a kiss

Still Celebrating....

The boys have been asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. We thought taking them for their birthday would be a great way to introduce them to the world of pizza, tokens and arcade games. We made plans but Nature had different plans and instead of pizza, cake, balloons, tokens and a giant rat named Chuck....the boys got 30.5" of snow courtesy of the Blizzard of 2013 aka "Nemo".

The party was rescheduled from 2/9 to 2/16. Here are some pix from the big night. Kevin and Jason were joined by their cousins Molly and Joey, Uncle Rob and mom and Dad. Poor Auntie Cindi was felled by the norovirus and couldn't attend but we know she was partying with us in spirit.

Enjoy the pix. There is a video at the bottom. Enjoy!

The birthday boys with Joey and Molly

Excited Jason and Chuck E. Cheese

Kevin puts on his birthday crown

Happy Kevin

Jason driving a race car. (Look carefully)

Excited Jason opens a gift

Jason loved the habitrail

The birthday boys and the host
Kevin and Mommy in the ticket tube

Mommy and Jason in the ticket tube

Kevin pedaling the balloon bike ride

Kevin whacks some aliens
This video shows us in the ticket booth. Air blows tickets all over the place. You catch as many as you can. Each boy decided that he wanted me to go in with him. Both boys had much fun!

Birthday #5 Pix

Kevin and jason do the birthday dance

Singing the praises of gifts

A holster and six-shooters! Oh boy!

Silly birthday faces
The sheriffs gettin' some help with their pistols.

Jason is in charge 
Kevin watching Jason's antics

MMMMMM cupcakes!

Jason picks a Spiderman candy off his cupcake

Hmm. Not sure what that face is for.

Jason inspects his candy while Kevin peels off the paper

MMMM MORE cupcakes

Kevin plays with his walkie-talkie

Happy Birthday Boys!

Kevin and his new holster

Ham and cheese

More ham and cheese

Guess Who's 5!

No one can believe it's been 5 years since Kevin and Jason were born, especially Joe and I. The time has flown by and the boys have truly grown into such terrific young boys.  They are great friends and we coudn't ask for more. They have sweet natures and enjoy a variety of activities. Here is a quick update on each boy.

Jason is 48 lbs and 45 1/4" tall. His favorite buddy is still his Chewy and Chewy goes to preschool every day with Jason. He loves playing golf and baseball, Jason, not Chewy. He likes to play with Matchbox cars, Playdough and action figures. His favorite toys are his laptop computer, his tablet, and his cash register. He likes to play dress-up and pretend. He has a terrific imagination. Jason would like to be a police officer when he grows up. Sometimes he also wants to be a superhero like Batman and Robin or Jedi. He loves music and frequently composes his own lyrics and music. He likes all kinds of music. Lately he has enjoyed Bruno Mars, various electronic dance songs by DJs like David Guetta and Armin Van Buren. He enjoys many different varieties of music. He loves to play drums and we frequently have concerts on Saturday mornings. Jason likes action heroes and enjoys reading comic books. His favorites include Spiderman, Batman, Superman and especially Robin.  Jason likes bananas, chocolate ice cream, chocolate, apples, broccoli, cheerios. He likes to be silly and works hard trying to make Kevin laugh when Kevin is sad or mad. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and likes to make sure everyone follows the rules. He loves wearing short sleeves shirts and a tool belt.

Kevin is 42lbs and 43 1/2" tall. His favorite buddies include: Freddie, Spot, Purple Chewy, Bunbun, and an array of other fuzzy favorites. Kevin enjoys playing with Matchbox cars, Playdough and action figures. He enjoys playing video games on his tablet, our cell phones or any of our consoles. He enjoys soccer and running and is always on the go. Kevin loves to play all kinds of instruments. Lately he's been playing a kazoo, a harmonica and Joe's violin. Not all at once. His favorite songs lately include: the electronic dance version of "Amazing Grace", Maroon 5's "Move Like Jagger", the Batman tv show theme, the Spiderman TV show theme, any number of Christmas songs, and They Might Be Giant songs. Kevin has a great imagination and likes to play dress up and pretend. He enjoys dressing as a police officer and handing out tickets for various infractions. He says he wants to be an ambulance driver when he grows up. Kevin likes any kind of fruit, vanilla ice cream, carrots, ritz crackers with peanut butter, Honey Nut Cheerios, fish sticks and macaroni and cheese.

Both boys like to dance. They like playing CandyLand, PopUp Pirate, Chutes and Ladders, dominoes, and Twister among other games. They like to eat out at Bertucci's, CJs, and McDonald's. Kevin loves to bake and help in the kitchen while Jason is my repairman. He frequently fixes my stairs and walls with his many tools. He likes to wear his tool belt and keeps all kinds of things (flashlights, handcuffs, screwdrivers, hammers) in/on it. Kevin frequently asks to bake Star Wars cookies which he, Jason and I frost with a rainbow assortment of homemade frostings. They both like the movie "Cars" and ask to see it frequently. They like different TV shows such as Octonauts, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Zaboomafoo, Phineas and Ferb, the Batman TV show from the 1960's, Mater's Tall Tales, and the 2 Disney Christmas specials "Prep and Landing" and "Prep and Landing: Naughty or Nice".

Jason loves Halloween and Christmas and is sad that both are over. Kevin misses both but doesn't talk about it as much as Jason does. They still have a Christmas tree in the their room. Spiderman is the "angel". They also have a long strand of Christmas lights around their room. So, for Kevin and Jason, Christmas isn't really over.

To the left are some pictures of their birthday. Enjoy!
I'll be posting some more pictures of their big day and their birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Have a good one!