Friday, May 14, 2010

Open Wide

The boys went with me to the dentist yesterday. There was a build up to this visit. Books about visiting the dentist were read. There were chats about what dentists do and what would happen. The boys did as well as could be expected. Jason wanted to be held and whimpered but eventually became comfortable. Kevin was bored and wanted to do somersaults on the floor. They stayed for a long enough time (10 mins? Maybe it just felt like 10 mins?) and then Sue took them for a walk. Overall, they did great. Better than I expected.

We are currently shopping for a pedi dentist. I have several names and will stop in and visit some offices. No pictures of the boys and their teeth but I'll see what I can do about that this weekend.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11

Today was a good day. For Jason, it was a great day. Jason has been obsessed with mowing. He mows his carpet in his room with a laundry basket pushing it back and forth. He mows the lawn with his Fisher-Price popper. He mows the kitchen linoleum with a broom. Well, you've got the idea. On Monday, another twin mom was selling 2 push tricycles, similar to big wheels but with handles so Mom/Dad can push a non-pedaling toddler. Anyway, in finalizing the deal on the 2 trikes, I asked the woman if she had a mower she'd like to part with. And, she did.

Tonight we brought home the push trikes and the mower. The trikes were promptly ignored and the mower became the focus of a big-time tussle. Jason grabbed the mower and off he went. What a happy little boy! Kevin grabbed the mower handle and a tussle ensued.

Eventually, Kevin and I went inside and played a game together while Jason and Joe mowed the lawn. For Kevin, out of sight is truly out of mind. What a blessing as Jason never forgets a thing. He still talks about the fireworks that he saw on New Year's Eve. He talks about the decorations from Christmas. He tells me stories from tv shows that he's seen one time, a long time ago. Kevin had a grand time inside playing with me while Jason was living the dream outside with Daddy.

No pix of the trikes or mower today. Check back again later and check out these photos of us "gardening".

On a non-Kicky or Jumpy note, we're thinking of you Poppy.


Quick Tidbit

Saturday night the boys ate ice cream dots.

The last of the ice cream dots. Kevin smacked his lips and yelled, "MORE ICE CREAM, PLEEEEEEEASE!" I replied,"That's it. There is no more ice cream." Kevin's response,"Mommy, Daddy go buy more!"

May 9

Happy Mother's Day

It was a lovely day. Not only a holiday to honor Mothers but also the day of my grandmother's birthday. Grandma, you're in our thoughts. A day to reminisce, enjoy, and appreciate all the women who've touched my life.

We had a lazy, relaxing day. Up at the normal time, sadly no sleeping in but fortunately no breakfast in bed. At age 2, I can only guess at what breakfast in bed might be.

We had a fun day. Lots of trains, trucks, puzzles, parades around the kitchen table - parades are always a good time! I baked orange cupcakes with orange icing.

I had a lovely late afternoon nap while the Doherty men went for a wagonride around the neighborhood.

Enjoy the video of the 2nd Annual Doherty Mother's Day Parade