Friday, December 11, 2009

wee Tom Ford?

Tom Ford? If you're scratching your head wondering who he is, he's a leading fashion designer. I type "Tom Ford?" not to discuss the actual person but because of my experience with wee Kicky this AM. Today was the first day/time that he indicated any interest in his outfit. I'd dressed him and realized afterwards that his shirt was too small. Not tight enough to prevent him from breathing, not "Simon Cowell" tight but clearly....not going to cut it.

So, I strip the shirt off. He scowls and runs to the other side of the room. I say "C'mon, I have a new shirt. It's even better than the striped one. Look, it has pirate monkeys on it." Now, pirate monkeys are pretty cool, right? It was black and red and I thought any little boy would be ok with it. But nooooo. Kicky continues to scowl and looks at the shirt and then says "no monk". Hmm.

So plan B. "Ok, no pirate monkeys. How about......Cookie monster?" Big smile and he runs over to me with his arms raised over his head. So, there it is.

I'm not complaining. Please don't interpret this post as such. Most days it's a huge struggle to get Mr. I like to run around in my diaper Kickster into any clothing. He hates having his diaper or his clothes changed. You have to be prepared with an assortment of distractions and silly songs. I cannot even begin to imagine his teen years.

This parenting is real work, I tell ya.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Energizer Bunnies

The boys are now 22 months old. When people ask. We say 1 and half. We don't do months around here. When people give them an eyeful and say "wow...big for 1 and a half". It's a bit obvious that they think the boys are 18 months. But we nod and say "yes". The boys have descended from 2 tall tribes.
They've grown in just the past 2 weeks. No lie. Seriously. Pants that had to be cuffed 2 weeks ago now fit perfectly. All the 18 mo clothing....forgetaboutit.

So, now that they are at such a ripe age....I'll update their likes and dislikes.

Taking toys/books from Jason
Trying to get Jason to chase him
Riding on his airplane
Munch the Moose
Oswald (the cartoon Octopus) and his dog Weenie
Thomas the Tank Engine
School buses
Construction trucks especially diggers, bulldozers and dump trucks
Any and all fruit
Most vegetables
Ernie, Bert, Elmo and Cookie Monster
When Oscar sings "I love trash"
Playing the kazoo (we discovered this tonight)
Playing the drums
Splashing in the bath
The word "Tiddliwinks" He bursts out in giggles
The words "Whirly bird" ditto
Being wet, getting wet, anything water related
Sweeping with his broom/riding it like a horse
Noodles (as in pasta)

Not getting his way
Having to share
The cold
The snow
Being out in the cold and in the snow
Tight clothing
Anything around his neck
Socks and shoes

What's changed for our wee Kicky? Well, when not annoying brother or having a tantrum, he is mostly likely to be found chasing the cats. His new hobby is to grab their tails and not let go. He no longer sighs when he sees Abby Cadabby. I suppose it had to end sometime. His molars are driving him nuts. We'll all be relieved when this teething thing is OV-ER! He still has the cutest little giggle. It's infectious. He has a fake laugh that he does now. It's pretty funny too as it sounds like "ha ha ha" and you can tell it isn't his genuine laugh. His imagination is really kicking into high gear. At breakfast he sits holding his bacon and puts it to his mouth and smacks his lips and says "yummy yummy yummy" and "mmm mmm mmm". But then he doesn't it eat. He just pretends to eat it. Sometimes he feeds Fred the bacon.

Playing drums
Playing piano
Playing clarinet (we discovered this tonight)
Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster
World music
1940's music
Three Blind Mice
Building blocks
Calling Oma, Opa, Mimi and Papa on the phone
Watching his reflection in the oven door
Sweeping with his broom/riding it like a horse
Oswald (the cartoon Octopus) and his dog Weenie
Thomas the Tank Engine
School buses
Construction trucks especially bulldozers and dump trucks
Noodles (as in pasta)

His brother but just sometimes, when he's annoying
Most fruits
That he can't watch more TV, he asks for it daily
Being told "no" or any form/derivative of "no"

And what has changed for our Jumpy? He's become more extroverted. He frequently climbs on his step stool and makes speeches. Loud ones. Emphatic ones. He is intensely interested in every book he picks up. He yanks all the pillows off of his favorite rocking chair and then climbs up into it with a book. He'll sit there for a half hour just studying his book and ignoring everyone else. At dinner he likes to make phone calls. He is very chatty but then when he's done...that's it. Conversation over. Jason's imagination, like his brother's, is very evident. As is his sense of humor. His new favorite thing is to pull his hand into his sleeve and then say "OH NOO" and wave his arm around. Then after you say "Oh No! Where's Jason's hand?!" He'll push his hand out and do a little "Ta-DAH!" kind of thing with his arms and burst out laughing.

Sadly (mostly for me as a woman and a mom), both boys find passing wind out of either end, to be hilarious. They are boys through and through.

Well, that's the view of the world from ToddlerTown, USA at 22 months and 9:33 pm on a Wednesday night.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Belated Thanksgiving wishes to all. I hope your day was filled with all good things. If turkey is your thing, then hopefully you got your fill of bird. If it's tacos, well you know what the Taco Bell dog used to say Yo Queiro Taco Bell.

The boys had a great holiday aside from a cold. The day started off nicely. Beautiful weather. Oddly warm for so late in the year. The week had been a sad one as Brian Swanson, Joe's cousin, passed away on Friday the 20th. Brian courageously fought his cancers and was an amazing example of grace, love and strength. It was heart warming and bittersweet to see the turnout at his wakes. So many people whose lives he touched and such a huge hole he's left in the world by his absence.

By the time Thanksgiving arrived, everyone was grateful to be together and hugs were tighter and eyes were moister.

Joey, Joe's nephew, read a heartwarming Thanksgiving speech. Hid dad, Rob, read a funny and touching speech as well. Molly, Joe's neice, rounded out the speeches with her own special touch. Prayers and then the feast.

It was a fun day and it was sad to see it end. I was grateful for so much and on a light-hearted note, I was especially relieved and thankful that we made it to and from Mimi and Papa's without anyone getting carsick. Phew and yay.

The boys have been doing great. New words and new concepts being grasped on a daily basis. I asked Jason to take a bite of his chicken nugget, he did and then he said "bock bock". "Yes, that is the sound a chicken makes." Apparently he has no issue with eating chickens. Kevin tends to bypass meat and favors fruit and veggies. He loveslovesloves Pomegranate seeds.
Kevin unfortunately contracted the words "fire" and "truck" last Friday. I kindly spelled out the words for him and encouraged him to use both words. Oddly enough, nearly every word that starts with "f" rhymes more with "truck" than what it should sound like. Funny Kevin.
The boys are continuing to develop along separate paths. Tonight at dinner we had a difference of opinion of the group sing song. Jumpy wanted "Three Blind Mice" and Kicky wanted 'Do Re Mi". Whenever I'd start Do Re Mi, Jumpy would chant "mice mice mice mice mice mice". If I started to sing "Three Blind Mice" then Kicky would chante "do do do do do". Guess you can't make everyone happy.

Jason is very into Thomas the Tank Engine and every day points at the TV and says "choo choo Thomas". Kevin doesn't seem to havea preference and frequently says "Oso" or "elmo" but he doesn't really ask for TV. If it's on, great, if not, that's fine too.
Kevin prefers the Little People playsets that we have. And, taking toys away from Jason.

The Little People Nativity is a B-I-G hit. Kevin likes to place Jesus on top of the stable where the angel should go. He has also taken a shine to Asian King. Jason likes to tell me that the camel has a boo-boo. The camel is fine.

The house is decorated for the holidays. I did it while the boys watched so that there would be no surprises. The tree is not impressive to them but they do love one decoration that is an old fashioned Santa sitting on a half moon. They also like a light up snowman.

Speaking of snow. Today we went out and played in the snow. It was their first time in the white stuff. The initial responses: Kicky - got to the bottom of the stoop and turned right around to go back into the house. I convinced him to go to the end of the walk. Then he turned around and headed back toward the steps. He made a pitstop at the pumpkins, now covered with snow and ate some snow. Then headed for the stairs. Oh well.

Jason marched around the yard and seemed fine with everything. Both boys swung, played in their playset and then chased balls around. It took more time to get them buncled up then to do all that stuff but they did seem to enjoy themselves.

Not much other news. Take care.