Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Newton's Other Law of Gravity

Or the Bullwinkle and Rocky secondary title > What Goes In Must Come Out

It's not what you think. We've introduced the boys to rice cereal. For Kicky, this might be the beginning of a passionate (or at least interesting) relationship with food. For Jumpy, should I put it? Perhaps I could let a photo tk the place of 1K words.

Rice cereal?

I'm all set here, thanks.

Jumpy, he of the adorable "no way you're making me do that" smile, is not taking to food at all. Everything going in, comes right back out. Kicky is a different story. He's ok with rice cereal. He's tried to feed himself already and he's even ok with drinking out of a glass. I will warn you...if you decide to share your beverage with'll soon decide to just let him have the whole thing as the ratio of baby spit to beverage becomes scary fast.
You've got something
just there on your chin....nevermind

Other news. In the South, when someone is not exactly pretty people will say "She's so homely, bless her heart" as if blessing the person will balance out their homeliness. I told you that to tell you this > "Bless their little misshapen heads".

Being a twin has pros. And cons. For our wee boys...their oddly shaped heads are a by-product of a cozy womb and sleeping positions. (Cozy = realtor-speak for teenytinyittybitty space). Jumpy spent 8 months stuck under my ribs facing my spine. Kicky spent 8 months being squished by Jumpster and stuck under various organs. Upon entering the world, Kickyman favored his right side and Jumpy became a back sleeper. Today Kicky has a lop-sided melon casing and the back of Jumpy's skull would make one think of flapjacks.
Apparently the "babies on their backs" trend has resulted in a whole industry of brain shape correcting doctors, therapists, and prosthetics. Anyway, the boys have been fitted for helmets. Poor wee guys. But, if they lose their hair or shave their heads later in life, they'll thank us for this. (I hope.) Kicky will have Batman as a pattern on his helmet, Jumpy will have Spiderman. We wouldn't want the wrong helmet to go on the wrong boy...yikes can you imagine?

Not much other news from Casa Doherty. On Sunday Kickyman realized that we have a dog. He watched her walk across the living room and back again. He seemed fascinated. Nanny Amanda told me today that both boys touched Delta. They were ok with her, she was ok with them and later in the day when Delta tried to sit on Kicky's head, well that was NOT "payback".

cootchie coo, Kicky
Other non-baby stuff.

Have you heard about the new book "Twilight" and the movie they are making from it? No, me either. Apparently this book has been on the NY Times best seller list for 30 weeks and has sold over 5.5 million books. I know I've been busy for the past year but how could I miss this "next big thing"? I've been to Barnes and Noble in the past 30 weeks and I did not see this book being promoted. Now that JK has finished off Harry and Lemony Snicket has killed off the triplets (actually, I don't know that, I'm on Book 11 now), I guess the booksellers are trying to find the next big thing. Let me know what you think of the series if you have read it. Should I invest any of my minimal free time in the series?

Have you heard Roseanne Barr promoting Tahiti Village Resorts? TV Resorts is famous for using washed up celebrities to promote their resort - Alan Thicke, Tanya Roberts. I didn't know she was washed up. I thought she was still a big wig in the comedy world.

There should be a law against movie spoilers, with fines.
New booster seat law. MA has passed one. Seems a bit excessive to me but if it saves a life, then it's worth it.

Why didn't Graham Norton find success in the US w/his talkshow? He's fast, funny and naughty - seems like he should've hit big.
I don't get:
Jay Leno - When is he funny? When does he do material that isn't stolen from another comic? That bit w/the press conference...Jimmy Kimmel did it 1 week prior.

Ellen Degeneres - I don't buy that "I'm down to earth" stuff besides no body sold that better than Andy Griffith so all others should just stop

Conan O'Brien - The Utah salt beds aren't as dry as his humor

Danielle Steele

Ruby Tuesday

The Macaroni Grille (Why eat pasta when you go out? Can't you make that at home? It costs just $. 75 a box.)

Why is wine marked up 120% at restaurants?
Ticks and fleas - What purpose do they serve?

McCain's new ad blaming Obama for gas prices.

Why the Gulf Station charges $3.89 a gallon at lunchtime but $3.99 during the AM and PM commutes. Actually I get it. Still, it annoys the heck out of me.

Diet Coke. It tastes terrible and nothing like Coke.
And still more other news.

The funniest thing I've read in a long time: from a MetroWest Daily News article on John Brown's Bell >

Current Harpers Ferry Mayor Jim Addy also thinks Marlborough should give up the bell. "I think they ought to return it because next year is the 150th anniversary of John Brown's raid," he said. "(But) it's a donnybrook."
That it is. And Marlborough's position seems to have become even more intractable.

"The young men from Marlborough saved it from obliteration, so tough noogies," said Gary Brown (no relation), chairman of the city's historical commission. "Had they not taken the bell, it wouldn't exist. Virtually every bell in the South was melted down for munitions. It's ours and it's going to stay ours. Neener, neener, neener."

Neener, neener, neener. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. Seriously, that's hilarious. Is this guy 7 years old? He actually said that. To a reporter. How professional.

With that...I'll sign off.
neener. neener. neener.


Future Tahiti Village Resort spokesperson?
I think NOT!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Firsts and Fifths

Hey All,

We've got loads to post as opposed to posts about loads which, believe you me......we could do....but I'll keep you, dear Readers, safe from that. I hear your collective sigh of relief and shall now move on.

First off, today Kicky and Jumpy are 5 months old or 152 days old. It's difficult to believe. Okay, hang in there readers who aren't into the bragging parent thing. There will be non-Kicky-and-Jumpy related stuff at the end. The boys are kicking and turtling (a precursor to crawling) and doing pushups. They are on the first step of a journey that will soon have them crawling, then standing, then walking then running....away from me. sad. They are going to grow up and move away. Yes yes.... I know that my job is to raise independent adults who will add value to the world. But they are so cute and I love them so much....and it's sad to think they'll grow up and away from us.

In addition to pushups and other fun things, there have been some "Firsts" (hence the blog title, don't make me explain the "Fifths" part). The boys are both holding their bottles. Jason has managed to scoot on his back from one end of his crib to the other. Both have said "mum" - which I liberally interpret to mean "Mom". Both boys recognize the bib as a sure sign that dinner is imminent. Jason puts everything into his mouth. Kevin continues to chat us up and has had some impressive conversations with his dog, Blue and with Joe and I...but frankly, Kevin prefers keeping company with Blue. They both express discontent and satisfaction now. Jason has started doing the shy guy look at you/look away from you thing and when I pick him up he hugs me and snuggles against my neck (gosh I'm a sucker for that move).

Yesterday I was reading to the boys and had to separate them as Jason was kicking Kevin. Kevin didn't seem to mind so much but I don't want to encourage any Cain/Able behavior. I know I ascribe certain attitudes to them (shame on me) but frankly, Jason frequently seems put out that he has to share his mom-time (or dad-time) with that other baby. Anyway, I read "I Knew You Could" to them. Kevin enjoyed it. Jason, not so much. I mention this book as my Mom bought it for the boys. But as I read it, I thought that maybe it might have been for me or at least, while reading it, I felt that the message was aimed at me. The message being...well, heck, it's difficult to melt it down to a sentence or 2. Spend the money and go read it yourself. It's worth it.

Let's see...other Kickybear and Jumpybear news....Kicky has not been himself lately. Up at 2 am, chatting away and generally disrupting the sleep of all the other Dohertys. One night a bottle at 1 am. Last night a bottle at 2 am. Still waking up at 5:30, ready to start the day but then eating and falling back asleep and napping erratically. Incosolable crying. Now, this isn't Kevin. He's not a crier, until lately. Is it teething? A growth spurt? General crankiness? You got me. After a rough start today, he settled into his normally cheerful persona. Jason....continues to be a champion nighttime sleeper (now that I've said it, I've prob jinxed it.) We're back on the "bottle, bath, book and bed" routine. This seems to work however we did notice some resistance last night. They've figured out the pattern, maybe? At 5 months of age, could it be that they are already smarter than us? Eeek.

Other big news...The boys were baptized on June 28th. It was a great day as it was also my Dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Dad - we were thrilled that we could all be together to celebrate!). The boys were troopers and neither a peep was peeped nor a tear was shed. They looked like mini John Travoltas in their white suits.

As Edna Mode would say Luck favors the prepared, Darling. But they say God laughs at those who make plans. So if A, then B. We put new batteries in the camera to facilitate many baptism photos being taken. Wouldn't you know...the new battery was from a batch that were bad and we didn't get one photo. Not one. Anyone who attended and got photos...we'd be very grateful if you could send us copies. We'll reimburse.

Afterwards there was a meet-n-greet at their Aunt Cindi's. The boys behaved well and got to meet most of the family and many great friends. Thank you to all who attended. The day flew by and I'd hoped to chat with everyone, hopefully I did but I know I got only a few seconds with some people so my apologies to you and hopefully we'll have a get together later in the summer where we can catch up good-n-proper.

Many thanks to all who traveled great distances. My parents, my Aunt Diane, CJ Karen and the boys, Rob Tommy and John, Mark, and Sue. Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the party special...all the terrific food, everything decorated so nicely...We really are so amazingly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Back to birthdays.We're having ice cake. Don't get all traditional on's just toooo hot to bake or cook. Since the boys are born in's pretty much a certainty that they'll have real baked cakes for their big day. With the price of oil, we might use the heat from the oven to warm ourselves.

Stats for the 5 month mark: Bigger than last month. Ok, I didn't weight and measure them. Look, it's hot, it's late and both boys are in bed. I'll get the stats later.

There's so much more to write about. What a great time my parents have had with the boys while staying with us. What a great time Joe and I had with them and how grateful we are for all their help and patience. How well the boys are getting on with Nanny Amanda. How much the boys love watching their cousins Molly and Joey. Kevin gets a kick out of them and smiles all the time when they talk to him. I'm sure Jason would also, if he would stay awake. We took the boys out for brunch and that went well. No tears or hissyfits. I'm sure those days are ahead of us but this one day went well.

So, that's it for K + J news. Readers who tuned out above can dial back in now....

Non Kicky and Jumpy stuff
Age in months. Why do people give the age of their child by months when years would be more appropriate? Today I saw an email from a woman who said she had a 24 month old. At what point is it just silly to use months as a means of communicating the age of a child? I don't think that my mom says she has a daughter who is 488 months old. Do you, Mom?

Tim Russert. Not that I am into mourning celebrities or becoming emotional about the passing of a stranger but...Tim Russert. I mean, really!? He wasn't that old and he seemed like a nice guy when I watched him on TV and apparently he took care of his health. There are truly evil people running around this planet and Tim Russert dies? Just doesn't seem right.

Madame Tussaud and Hitler. Again....Really?! Is it REALLY necessary to have Hitler in the wax museum? This just makes me suspect that the Germans think Hitler was just misunderstood and then, when someday the combined Germanies rise up and start with their warmongering.....I'll be saying "I KNEW it!" and "I told you so." I could be wrong about that, of course. Don't email me w/your gripes about this rant. I stand by my "is hitler necessary" comment. The warmongering comment is just filler.

How annoying are politicians who downplay the outrageous cost of gas by saing "Well, in Europe they pay $7.00 a gallon." Well, this isn't Europe. And there's really no need for us to pay $7 or even $4 because our oil reserves are full and we have access to loads of oil. On one of my more crankier days, I would prob respond to mr. annoying politico, "Well, in Europe they guillontined the rich." Considering the fat cats we have in the Senate and Congress, I wonder how that would sit? In case any gov't person is reading, I'm not threatening anyone, I'm just pointing out that Europe's policies might not be all that wise.

One more oil/gas rant. We're being told to cut down. I'm starting to think "Why bother?" The fact is...when I was being told to cut back on my electricity usage, use CFC lightbulbs, turn off lights, etc. blah yadda blah. I did. I cut my usage in half. IN HALF. Guess what. They doubled the rates. So even though I cut my usage...those &*$%^ still hosed me. So, now "they" say conserve gas, save the planet, make trips count. Why? The cost will still go up because Big Oil knows we have no other options and we'll pay what they charge. I already recycle, turn off lights, use those horrible crap CFC bulbs (and yes, they are crap. They were free and they help a teeeny bit on the bill so we use them but I could light a match off one of Kicky or Jumpy's farts and get a brighter light).

Is anyone else exhausted by all the political coverage that went on earlier this year? I can't wait for the Wednesday after the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

I finished a book that I started last Summer. It wasn't a big book (Dorothy Sayers' Strong Poison - terrific read) but still, I finally finished it. Yay me.

I dusted the xbox and the wii the other day....I thought I heard them cry a little.

I had a Dr. Pepper freeze pop the other day and it was delicious. Why isn't Dr. Pepper (Mr. Pibb to you Southerners) more popular?

The Boston Pops Fireworks were great. The Boston Pops...well, K. Lockhart, sir, you are no Arthur Fiedler. You're not even Arthur Treacher. But I did like that little baseball number you played and it's pert near impossible to mess up the 1812.

Mom, you left your Chicken Soup for the Soul cookbook here. I'll pop it into the mail. Lots of good recipes in there.

Later ya'll,