Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kevin Runs on Dunkin

Somewhere at some point in time, Kevin and Jason saw a Dunkin' donuts commercial or Joe told them about Dunkin. The Doherty men do like to go out on a Sunday morning for some coffee and donuts so I shouldn't be surprised by this video. And yet....


Sometimes the boys work together. Sometimes it's sweet and dear like when one boy brings Fred or Chewy to his brother when he's hurt. Or when one boy hugs the other to cheer him up or gives him hand. And, then there are times like this. Going nowhere and leading to nothing but still pretty funny if you are there to witness it.

Capt. Barnacles and Kwazii

This is a picture of Captain Barnacles. He's a polar bear and the leader of the Octonauts whose motto is to explore, rescue and protect.The Octonauts are one of the boys' new favorite tv shows. Kevin says he is Capt. Barnacles. Jason says that he's Kwazii. Kwazii is a pirate cat who has led a life of adventure. I tell you this as there's a funny story at the end of this blog and it ties back to Kwazii and his eye patch.

When the boys watch The Octonauts, during the intro when the Octonauts are running through the octopod to get to headquarters, Kevin and Jason jump up and run in place imitating Kwazii and Barnacles. Joe managed to capture that here:

*Funny story here:

We had lunch today at CJ's in North Framingham, a frequent and well-liked haunt for us. Today as we sat at the counter eating ice cream and watching the news on one of the 2 big screen TVs (have you figured out what the boys like about CJs yet?), a woman with an eye patch came on and was speaking about something going on somewhere in the world. Kevin yelled out, "Hey, look! A pirate!"

I can only imagine the look on my face and on Joe's as the girl behind the counter who had just served the boys their ice cream saw our expressions and said,"Well, thank goodness she's on TV."



After last year and the crazy amount of snow we had, no one is really excited about snow this year. Except for Kicky and Jumpy. We got a teeny bit of snow in January. There was just enough to throw snowballs and play "Yeti". Yeti is a game the boys made up where Mom is a yeti and they chase Mom and throw snowballs to chase the yeti away.


Superbowl - Not So Super

There's no point talking about the Superbowl. Some Doherty's are still sulking. Mom and the boys watched a little bit of the game. The boys had fun reenacting the game but in their own way.

Have a good one!

Sue's Birthday

We celebrated Sue's birthday in a non-traditional manner. We had a birthday cake made of Sue's favorite pie. McDonald's apple pies. Here are some pix of the birthday girl and 2 boys pretending to be birthday presents.