Saturday, August 6, 2011


We kicked off the long July weekend with the Kickster and Jumpster spending the day with Mimi and Papa while Mom and Dad had an afternoon luncheon and a nice day of wandering around the House of Seven Gables and Ye Olde Pepper Company candy store. A lovely day for everyone.

The next day we visited the Franklin 4th of July festivities which were much fun. There was a children's parade, rides (Kevin rode, Jason cheered him on), food, slushies, and an afternoon of fun with their good buddy, Drew. Drew, Beve (Drew's grandma) , Kicky, Jumpy, Mom and Dad all went for ice cream at the really yummy, Rick's ice cream shop. The boys had a great time. Kicky and Jumpy jus tlove Drew to piece and haven't hit it off with anyone else the way they have with him.

The boys fell asleep on the way home and good thing too as the night brought no rest thank to neighbor's fireworks. Pretty to Mom and Dad, fearsome and scary to Kickster and Jumpster. Poor wee guys - they do NOT like fireworks. Odd given their parents love of them, but there it is.
On Sunday we drove to the Buzzard's Bay 4th of July parade where we saw Kicky and Jumpy's Uncle Barry take home yet another trophy for his amazing Pirate Ship float. The boys were beat from teh drive and the heat and weren't their sparkling selves but later insisted that they had a great time. The actually did have a great time playing on Uncle Barry's pirate ship that he has in his side yard. Later we caught the end of an old fashioned baseball game with the Mudhens and then home for more colorful yet stressful fireworks from the neighbors. Teh boys watched some of the Boston Pops and enjoyed the music and watching the musicians.

July has been a hot one. Really hot. So there's been a lot of ice cream, popsicles, and eating out at various family friendly restaurants tha thave kid's nights. We have a pretty solid list and know what works for the boys.

We've been amping up the boys' adventures in order to help with some of their shyness and reluctance to try new things. We attended the Barnstable County Fair. What a great day. Lots of animals - blue ribbion winning rabbits, llamas, hogs, horses, lambs, cows, etc. The petting zoo had all kinds of interesting and exotic animals.

We watched a puppet show, the rides, met Ronald McDonald, at ice cream and fried dough. Kevin watched a very neat train set for 45 minutes. Yes, 45 minutes. Jason and Joe bailed after 15.

Hope ya'll are staying cool!



May (still catching up)

Oma, Opa and Auntie Diane came for a visit in May and played with the boys, taking them on numerous adventures and planting an herb garden. Everyone had a great time.

June kicked off with an early Father's Day and birthday celebration for Opa. We visited the zoo a few times and did some fun day trips and visits to the library. There was an aborted attempt at potty traning where I was more motivated than the 2 people that it required the most involvement from. Oh well. The month was rounded out by Joe starting his new job. Again, the boys have adapted amazingly well to an evolving schedule at our house. June flew by and before we knew it...JULY!