Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

Joe and I took a couple of days off from work and had a nice long Labor Day weekend. On Friday we took the boys to the library to get new books and to play. Given the hot and sticky weather, the library provided a nice escape. The weather turned bad and the rest of the day was spent inside playing and napping. Yay napping!

Saturday we played at the playground in the AM and then napped. Mimi and Papa came for a visit and a BBQ and a nice time was had by all. On Sunday we went to "Bessie's House" aka the Acton Discovery Museum. The boys had a great time. They played on Thomas the tank engine for an hour. They eventually did make it into the ball room and the bubble room. They also found their way to the color room and the kitchen/diner where we suspect they caught their now fully fledged head colds.

Monday was a recovery day spent relaxing, napping and playing at home. Then Monday was another big adventure day. We headed into Boston to the Children's Museum. The day was filled with fun and laughter despite both boys having the start of terrible colds and a drive that included driving through 2 tunnels, definitely a bad thing for Kevin. The first time we drove through a tunnel, it resulted in tears and panicky behavior. This time Kevin said quietly, "Kevin doesn't like tunnels. Kevin doesn't like tunnels at all." I suggested that he close his eyes and I'd tell him when he could open them. I turned and saw Jason with his eyes closed tight so I assume that neither boy likes tunnels.

We survived all that and arrived at the museum which we called The Bubble Room as it seemed easier to say and to remember then "The Boston Children's Museum". The boys loved the place. Kevin spent an hour in the bubble room. Jason spent that same hour in the ball room. They seemed to naturally find any exhibit that had water. "Peep's World" was fun, especially the water (water water everywhere, believe you me) and the computer. Kevin enjoyed the train table and climbing on a play structure. Jason loved driving the school bus and race car. We finally left when Kevin had me lift him up and he rested his head on shoulder and said "Go home now." Poor little guy. So tired and yet he enough energy to chase pigeons in front of the Hood milk bottle. They were both asleep before we got to Post Office Square. We drove up and down the Mass Pike in order to let them rest. Luckily Kevin woke up right as we drove by a construction site that had 6 super dumper trucks and 2 bulldozers. We pulled over and watched the fun. It was pretty neat watching these huge dump trucks. I didn't realize that they put the dumper down as they drive. A bit of a scary thing as these guys were driving very fast. It was like a construction ballet the way all the dozers and dumpers were speeding around and avoiding creaming each other.

Joe snapped some pictures and I'll post them tomorrow. 'Night