Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some pix, some words, a story and some news

The bath post had no pix so here are a few.

Over the past 2 days the lexicon has grown to include:
trick or treat
bus driver (well, something close to that)
seeds (as in pomegranate seeds)
dip dip (aka pancake syrup)

The story:
Last night during dinner, Jason says "phone". I acknowledge the new word, "Wow. Phone." But he keeps on "Phone. Phone. Phone."

So, I ask, "Who would you like to phone?" No answer. "Daddy?" I ask. A great big smile and a nod. Yesterday was Comics Wednesday, so Joe was out visiting with IANO and Joe O. I grab the phone and we call Daddy.

The conversation was hilarious. Jason was very chatty and told his Dad about his day and about playing and dinner and on and on. Kevin piped up and added some chatter. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell. Little did you know all those years ago how important your invention would be and what good would come of it. Then we wrapped up the conversation. Kisses, goodbyes and then back to dinner. All pretty funny.

And now the news. Joe's cousin Brian is not doing well. Not at all. We were told he would probably make it through the holidays and into the new year. However this morning we learned that he might have just days. His cancer has spread to his stomach and things just couldn't be worse. If you are a prayer, please offer one up for Brian, Kathy and Merry. If you aren't, any positive thoughts you can offer are appreciated too.

Then, hug your loved ones and tell them you love them.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New words and reaching milestones

The boys are learning new words every day as mentioned before. Their recognition of words, phrases and concepts continually amazes me. Over the weekend, Jason picked up a stuffed Stitch (from Disney's Lilo & Stitch) and started naming his facial features. Very cute and astute. But then this kind of thing can get weird...for example...during Saturday night's bath as we wash all his body parts, Jason starts touching and poking himself, specifically his penis. We call it a penis. No cutesy names or nicknames. It is what it is. Well, despite an inability to say the word they obviously know what the word means because after I acknowledged Jason's actions by saying, "Yes, we washed your penis." Kevin grabs his own and then reaches over and grabs Jason's. Ye-OW. Jason pushed his hand away and stood saying loudly, " UP!" Bathtime was OV-ERRR for Jason. I don't blame him.

Children's development books say that by 20 months kids should be able to name 6 body parts. Well, we've got that covered.

FYI: No cute pix of the boys naked in the bath. Didn't you hear about the people who lost custody of their kids because Walmart thought their bathtime photos were porn?
So silly but

Friday, October 23, 2009

No big news today but lots of little things. The boys are changing daily. Not the way they did when they were infants but in so many different ways. It seems as if they look a bit more mature each day and they are starting to mimic Joe's and/or my mannerisms and facial expressions. I know where Jason gets that scowly eyebrow look and it's not from Bert. They are showing and telling us that they are becoming individuals as they display interest in new things or different things.

Reading continues to be a big deal at our house. No surprise given Joe's and my love of books and reading. Of course, the boys won't be allowed anywhere near Joe's collection of horror and suspense tomes for many years to come but in the meantime the boys are enjoying their own expanding library. In the pic above you see us enjoying Curious George Visits the Zoo. They are able to sit through longer stories now.

Other developments...The nighttime cup of milk is gone, having been replaced by one-on-one reading and cuddle time. Before bedtime, the four of us read together with me reading a book or 2 and then Joe reading a story or 2. Then it's prayers and we part with each parent taking a boy and going off to cuddle and read stories and (formerly) giving each boy his milk. The no-more-milk transition was gradual and the boys did great. The one-on-one mom/dad reading time seems to be an acceptable milk-substitute for the boys.

The boys are purdy smart. Each night after the family reads, I'll say, "Ok, time for prayers" and roughly half the time that is the cue for the boys to jump up and run to a toy and start playing acting as if they didn't hear me.

Both boys have learned how to use small ride-on toys. Here is a pic of Jason on an airplane. Kevin tends to stand over his ride and walk. A pretty funny visual.

Here's a cute pic taken by my folks. Jason is flying around the kitchen while Kevin is doing "happy feet" something akin to tap dancing.

Last night we had a traffic jam in the kitchen table rotary followed by a driver meltdown. Once we got all traffic going clockwise, calm was restored.

More cute kid tricks: Jason knows what certain animals say. So if you ask him "What does the cow/dog/cat/pig/duck/goose say?" He'll answer correctly. When I say, "What does Mommy say?" Sometimes he'll respond, "No." ha. ha. ha. Thanks.

Jason caught mid-flight.

It's difficult to tell what's going on in this one, eh? It's a snap of Kevin upside down on the changing bureau. He has Fred's ear in his mouth and trying to shimmy off the table while Joe valiantly tries to hold on to him AND change his diaper. Good luck with that Joe.

Kevin has finally found some favorite songs after months of not seeming to enjoy Jason's dinner music choices. Oscar the Grouch's "I love trash" and Ernie's "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" are the big favorites as of last night when I found the missing Sesame Street CD and popped it in. Given his love for Cookie Monster I thought "C is for Cookie" would've been a hit but nope.

I made a new CD for the dinner hour and Jason has picked a couple of new favorites. This is a relief as we're all bit tired of "Popeye the Sailor Man". And, while Chickory Chick is still enjoyed, it's a big relief that Jason's taste has branched out to include the Bay City Rollers' "Saturday Night" and "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow". I'm still holding out hope that he'll start to enjoy "I Like Bananas, Because They Don't Have Bones" a cute song from the 30's/40's.

Well, that's it for now ladies, gentlemen and ships at sea. Bundle up, it's going to a wet and chilly night.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally! An update!


Belated Autumnal equinox wishes and
early Happy Halloween wishes.
The Autumn has been a busy and brutal one so the blog has been neglected.
The boys have been growing and changing minute by minute.

Here's some backstory and loads of pix to get everyone up to speed.


<-- Cool white Bengal tiger at Southwick

Aunt Diane, Oma and Opa came to visit in May. They took the boys on many adventures that included visiting Joan and Ed's Deli - a family fave, the Christmas Tree Shop (a fave among the women in the family), a trip to the Southwick Zoo, and lots of fun running around the house, up and down the hall, and all over the backyard.

In July Oma and Opa visited again helping us out while Nanny Sue moved into her new cottage. Oma, Opa, Mimi and Papa took the boys to their favorite deli and then out shopping. Oma, Opa, the boys and I visited Southwick Zoo on possibly the hottest and muggiest day of the year. But what a great day and a fun time!

It was so much fun and I recommend the zoo to everyone as it's a great place to walk/exercise and see animals. One of the funnier stories from the day occurred when we were strolling through the deer park and stopped to sit on a bench next to a bog. Jason pinched his nose and said "pfft" which was his version of "P.U.". And yes, the bog did have an odor.

The boys have had daily adventures over the past few months such as meeting the new mail person and getting to see the mail truck up close (this is a really big deal to them), meeting Police Woman Kathy who gave them cool police badge stickers and a balsa wood airplane kit, seing a Ferrari drive up our street (ok, I was the one that found that to be cool), lots of fun walks with Sue, blowing bubbles in the backyard, learning how to go down the slide, swinging on the playground and so much more.

This was the second year that the boys participated in our annual apple picking adventure. They had a great time running in the field, picking apples and eating apples. They both had an apple in their hands or in their mouths throughout the whole afternoon. They laughed themselves silly watching their cousins Molly and Joey. Interestingly enough, as exciting as the apple picking was....the boys were fascinated and obsessed with all the airplanes that flew over the orchard. At the end of our adventure, Kevin spied a plane and then chased after it through the orchard. I tried to explain that the plane was going home and so were we.

The boys are both seriously tall. And, someone keeps feeding them rocks or putting rolls of quarters in their pockets, at least that is what my back tells me. The boys can climb the stairs and are starting to experiment with going down. The words are coming fast and furious with new words on a daily basis. A sampling: cheetah, up, down, pumpkin, street light, pirate (new today in fact), bus driver, no, more, mower, and noodle. Kevin is our daredevil, practicing jumping down from anything and everything. Jason loves to be spun in the swiveling, rocking chair. Both boys are adept at figuring out how things work. Kevin knows how to undo the buckle in the stroller. Jason knows how to undo the babygate at the nursery door...good thing he doesn't know how to pull back the safety latch.

<-- Joey, Jason, Kevin and Molly

They both enjoyed the snowfall on Sunday and spent a lot of time standing at the nursery windows watching the big fat flakes fall.

New favorite songs: "Summertime" (as in "sum-sum-sum summertime, sum-sum-sum summertime), "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Row row row your boat", "Oom pow pow", "I Don't Want to Live On the Moon", and "Twinkle Twinkle".

<-- Post apple picking exhaustion!

The still love to read. Kevin's love of cars increases daily. His favorite comic book is based on the movie "Cars". We attended the neighbors annual "party in the driveway" and Kevin spent the entire time hovering around another party goer's cherry red Mini Cooper. He was completely fascinated by it and I couldn't deter him.

Jason's love of music equals his brother's car passion. He typically picks our dinner music and will ask for music by making a funny clicking sound. Different clicks mean different songs. However, he asks for "Summertime" by saying "sum sum sum" and "Row Your Boat" is (obviously) "row row row". "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and the accompanying hand motion of a climbing spider. He also loves "Peer Gynt Suite" but hasn't figured out how to ask for it or perhaps I'm not getting his hints?

He plays the drums and xylophone and when we visit Mimi and Papa's he plays their piano and organ. He created an impressive fugue on the organ 2 weeks ago. A bit dark but impressive.

Both boys need a haircut. But, they are so cute with that mod shaggy look...besides...a haircut is going to just make them look older and more like little boys. Speaking of, they've lost their baby-ish-ness. They are truly little boys. I noticed over the weekend that Kevin, who was clinging to his last bit of baby, was finally, really toddler. Those photos at the top of them in swings....don't their legs look a mile long? Cuties.

Take care!