Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jumpy and Kicky's Big 4th of July Weekend Part I

Belated wishes of independence to you all. I'll dispense with the build up and get right to the interesting tidbits. K + J had a big biG bIG BIG weekend. On Friday, the 3rd, they went to a real shoe store and got real big boy shoes. We actually cheesed out a bit and did not get tie shoes but ones with velcro. We figure these shoes will prob fit for a NY minute so why spend precious seconds (un)tying laces?

Jason got some nifty Teva like Stride Rites and Kevin got a sharp Stride Rite sandal, fisherman style. See the pix? Jason's are the brown, Kevin's the blue.

No, we won't make them wear socks. That was just for the breaking in period. The boys got gelatto after their shoe shopping experience. Kevin likes vanilla. Jason, chocolate. We sat enjoying our frosty treat while a massive thunder and lightning storm raged outside.

On Saturday we attended the Buzzards Bay 4th of July parade and there's more about that in the post below (see Part II). On Sunday, Mimi and Papa came to play and oh boy, what fun! The weather was terrific and they all went for a walk and played at the playground. The boys had a blast.

Below are some snaps of different things. The boys have more access to different parts of the house now that they can walk. They enjoy being in the kitchen. They like to take my OXO spatulas and play the drums on the trash can. If you are ever a dinner guest, do not worry, I put them in the dishwasher for a good sanitizing AND I wipe down the can each night with a Clorox wipe.

This is Kevin's "You are annoying me" face. I love it. I laugh every time. Sometimes he makes a little hissy/rattling/purring noise that further communicates his annoyance. Hilarious.

Kevin likes the light in the hallway. See the spatula?

Here are the boys at the parade. It was hot. They were hot. But they had much fun!

Mom, Kevin and Jason enjoy the parade. (Like the action pose?)

Jason does his Buddy Rich impression. He's quite the drummer!

Kicky + Jumpy's Big 4th of July Weekend Part II

Kicky and Jumpy attended the Buzzards Bay 4th of July parade. They got to see their Uncle Barry and Aunt Chris in the parade. Barry and Chris and their scuba friends were (are?) pirates and had the winning float in this year's parade. The float was the Black Pearl and it was amazing. Below are some snaps that really do not do it justice. Here is a nice snap of Barry and Kevin sharing a moment.

My brother, the pirate.

K + J (and big K + J) had a great time and give big thanks to Barry and Chris and the other scalliwag pirates for showing us such a great time!

Capt Jumpy and First Mate Chris steer the ship into safe waters.

Kevin asks Uncle Barry, "What's grog?"

Barry offers Jason a ride on the Pearl.

Kevin asks Uncle Barry, "How'd you make that?"

Auntie Chris and Jason explore the Pearl.

Ahoy there Chris and Kevin!

Chris and Jason steer away from the shoals.

A Russian schooner was docked at the Mass. Maritime Academy. They befriended the Buzzards Bay Buccaneers and the Pirates returned the favor by kidnapping their Captain and forcing him to steer the Pearl (ah, he liked it). Here you see the cannons firing and the Russians cheering.

Here the Russians salute the Pearl and her crew.

The topmost mast and a crew member who didn't please the Captain.

A side shot of the Pearl. Impressive, isn't it? There's even a mermaid figure on the bow but you can't see her very well.

Here's a shot of her aft (is that correct?). She's as cool going as she is coming.

Barry and the Pearl. Terrific job, Barry!