Saturday, May 9, 2009

First Haircut

On Wednesday the boys had their first hair cuts. Joe went first to show the boys what a haircut is like. Yay Joe - being so brave and going first.  Jason went second and then Kevin went. Yay for Jumpy and Kicky who were great.

Our big heartfelt thanks go out to Mei Ling who did a fantastic job at cleaning up our scruffy little boys and she also made them comfortable so that their first haircut was a pleasure. (Visit Mei Ling's salon Salon Entre Nous in Southborough! I can't rave enough about Mei Ling, her staff and her salon.)  Thanks to Sue who was chief baby wrangler while I was chief photographer.

Because a picture = 1,000 words. I'll let the pix do all the talking.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BIG Day at Pokey Oaks was a big day. First off, it's my brother's birthday. So big shout out and birthday wishes to Barry. Hope it was a good one!

Here's Jumpy, Mommy and Kicky making our "aren't we cute?" faces. Watch out World!

I came home to B-I-G news. Jason was walking, all by himself, all over the place. He was even pushing his little musical push along toy that you walk behind. He was smiling and quite confident of his new found skill. Yay Jason! You go go go!

Here's Jason's squishy smiley face aka Gameshow Host Smile.

Kevin was very supportive of his brother and followed along happily.

Here's a picture of all the Doherty boys.

Other funny things.
Yesterday AM while I was getting ready for work, I heard much giggling and general merriment. I peeked into the nursery and watched as Jason and Kevin were playing hide-n-seek with each other. Jason sat in the Aquarium tunnel while Kevin peered around one end and then crawled to the opposite end and peered into it.  In the meantime, Jason was poking his head out the opposite end, giggling away. After Kevin peeked into the far end, Jason crawled out of the tunnel and then Kevin crawled in and they played another round, this time with Kevin in the tunnel and Jason on the outside. Adorable.

If you ask the boys "Who's cute?" they will cock their heads to the side and smile. Jason will even go "Awwww"... as in "awwww ain't I cute?"  It's pretty funny. Of course I will bet big money that when my parents are visiting, should I say "Who's cute?" that boy boys will stare at me blankly. Here's hoping that the cat doesn't make me out to be a liar.

Things the boys have eaten lately:
cat fur (we try to stop them)
chic (soy) nuggets
american chop suey/johnny marzetti
macaroni and cheese
tortilla chip (just 1 a piece)
Annie's crackers (the bunny ones)
Matzoh Ball soup (b-i-g  hit)
animal crackers

Tomorrow: carrot quiche and macaroni and cheese with peas. Tune in tomorrow for the details on how it went.


Chatty Charlies

More new words:
Oh boy
Oh dear
What's that

Monday, May 4, 2009

Words and words

Hi All,
Meant to post on Friday night but was busy vacuuming and falling asleep. Wanted to pass on the news that Friday was a b-i-g new word day at our house.  Kicky started off the AM by standing at the nursery window and pointing to the neighbor's house and then he said "house". Yay Kicky . He also, said "out". So this was an impressive start to the day. When I returned from work, Sue told me that Kicky  also said "horse" when he wanted to get on to the little tyke horse.

Both boys are doing an amazing job of walking. They are gaining confidence in their new found skill and are brave about trying it out. I see less of the "gauging the distance - can I make it?" and more of the "That's where I'm headed".

The boys had a nice adventure on Saturday, which was Free Comic Book Day. We drove up to Waltham to the Outer Limits and paid a visit to Joe's good friend, Steve. They boys picked out several comics and had a nice time checking out the store. Kevin was fascinated by a post of the Joker. Not the Jack Nicholson Joker but the Batman cartoon series Joker. The funny thing was that on the way to the Waltham, Jumpy dozed off. So, Joe and the Kickster went on into the store and Jumpy and I hung out until he woke up. When he did, we headed off and then rejoined the other half of our family.  Joe and I traded boys and I carried Kicky around the store. Here's the funny part: as I walked around the store, Kicky was pointing and chattering away. He was showing me all the things that he'd seen when Joe walked him around and those items he found interesting. So he pointed to the Joker poster, the stuffed Stormtrooper doll, and several comics that had Wonder Woman on them. Very cute. 

Jason seemed to enjoy watching the people. Lois Lane was there, not Clark Kent's Lois, but blogging Queen Lois and she had her 2 boys with her (shout out to Lois and the boys). Our boys were fascinated by them as they love to watch other children. People are infinitely fascinating to Kicky and Jumpy.

We followed up a visit to OL with a nice stroll along the Charles River. The boys enjoyed the geese and swans. A canoe came along and they were nice enough to canoe over to the boys and wave / say hello. The guys got a kick out of that.  

We headed bk to Framingham and decided to have an early dinner at Joan and Ed's Deli, a family friendly place that the boys have been visiting since they were born.  They had a GREAT time. We were seated in the middle of the restaurant which was good intially as they were fascinated by the ceiling fans. We sat down around 4:30 but by the time we left, it was 5:15 and there was a constant stream of people so the boys were riveted. Our center stage seating was now a drawback and they were totally distracted by all the people. All these distractions meant that very little eating was occurring. But before the dinner rush, the boys did eat matzoh ball soup. They loved it! Just like Mom.

No other big news. Teething is still a major issue. On Saturday AM I attended the WSCMMOTA tag sale and had terrific luck with summer clothing. That little heat wave caught us all off guard.
Well, I should run. Take care. Love, Kathy