Monday, October 27, 2008

A Dad's "Day in the Life"

Hi everyone, long time - no post. I don't have any new photos to present for which I apologize right up front. Just new and recycled thoughts and observations for y'all.

As we're nearing the boyz 9-month birthday, I have to say I'm completely astounded...I cannot seem to remember a time when they weren't here. That being said, I can't believe that nearly nine months have rocketed by. Sleep is becoming a welcome friend returned from a long hiatus. Although last night the boyz were up at 3am and Kathy took care of them and let me sleep on. I don't thank her enough for Kath, thank you. Needless to say, coffee consumption is diminishing (that cheering sound you're hearing is from my stomach lining) and I'm beginning to see colors again.

We have a nice daily schedule: Kathy goes to work early and I have the duty to dress & feed the boyz before I also head off to work. Then, Kathy arrives home early to feed them dinner and play. When I get home, we change them into sleepwear and give them their before-bed bottles. In the meantime, Nanny Sue has been doing a remarkable job playing with and interacting with the kids. I've never seen them so animated and their development is definitely a marked improvement. While I'm on the subject, I just wanted to thank my folks for taking care of the boyz in the 2 weeks before Sue started. I'm so glad you were able to look after our sons, and I know they really enjoyed their time with you. I'm sure you felt the same way, and I'm very grateful for you both. Thank you.

Okay, back to me...! hee hee. To say "I love my time with Kicky and Jumpy in the morning" doesn't begin to describe how wonderful it makes me feel. When I'm getting them ready to be changed, I put them in each other's cribs...just for a fun change of environment. While I'm picking out outfits and washing their helmets, I'll hear them giggling and baby-talking to each other through the bars. It's really heartwarming. Then, I'll pick up, say, Jason, and bring him over for a diaper change and a new outfit. The Pampers diapers we use have little Sesame Street characters on them, so I always show Jason who he'll be wearing today. "Look,'s Cookie Monster!" (his favorite). Dutifully, Jason gives me a big belly laugh and then proceeds to try to roll off the changing table. This is less of a fun game. Thank God for the reflexes the Xbox 360 has trained me with.

Kevin is even more troublesome with the rolling around on the table. Mind you...he LOVES this game. He's smiling and laughing and roll, roll, rolling. He even does an inchworm type of movement that if you're not holding onto him, he moves forward until his little head is hanging off the side. I've found that with both babies, they love to play with a pacifier while being changed. This distracts them long enough to do what you need and is easy to take away and give back when putting their arms through their sleeves.

Feeding time is really fun. I put them into their high chairs, put their bibs on, and then the little trays. They like to talk at me (or, most likely, just at the world) while I make breakfast for them. Breakfast usually consists of rice cereal and some sort of fruit. Both boys, when awake, eat very well. But you do have to be quick: Jason's nap time is right around the time I serve breakfast. Like this morning, I was able to give Jason his vitamins and then out he went. Kevin was certainly happy to have all the attention. He like to hum while he chews. It's really hard not to laugh while you feed him. Sue usually joins in and we both feed a baby...this really helps getting Jason to eat something before nodding off. Then I'm off to work. Boo.

I look forward to this activity more than any other. This "guy time" in the morning really fills my heart with happiness and love for these two little beings. Plus, they're a riot. My life has never been better, and I owe it to you boyz: Kevin & Jason/Kicky & Jumpy. And most importantly, to my wife Kathy. I never could have hoped for a better partner in crime...oops, I mean "life"...hee! Every day I love her more even though I never think it's possible love anyone more.

More later,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

News at Noon

Here's Kevin's "No pictures please" photo.

In developing news, Kevin cut a new tooth yesterday.
You can feel it just beneath the surface.
Jason's comments, "Eh big deal, I have 6, count 'em, 6."
More developing news:
Kevin crawled a bit today. Actual forward movement.
On Sunday, Joe asked Jason how his bottle was and (seriously) we both heard him say "Good" How weird and funny, eh?
They both have been saying "mama", "hi", "mum", "da", "goo", "ga" and "Go Pats" but it happens so randomly that we're not really categorizing them as first words.

Jason says "Have a great day!"

(Check out all those teeth. Get a finger too close and he takes a big bite. You only let that happen once....)


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Man finds Ewok in MA

You are NOT
going to believe this.

We found an Ewok,
right in the Pokey Oaks
backyard, behind the
Joe Pye.

We lured him out
with Cheerios and
Gerber Biter Biscuits.

Strange but true...and here's the proof!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Delta weighs in

Well, you've heard the story from the kids' point of view, the mom's point of view and the dad's point of you'll get the real story, the dirt behind the dish from someone who's seeing it all from the same point of view as Kickybear and Jumpybear.....

Call me Delta

Keeping an eye on 2 rambunctious, nearly crawling, squealing, squeaky, slobbery baby boys is hard work. Don't believe me? Here's the proof:

And now you know where the expression "dog-tired' comes from.
And THAT's the rest of the story.
Woof and good night,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Columbus Day

The Columbus Day long weekend was celebrated in true New England style - picking apples and admiring foliage. Kevin and Jason attended last year's annual apple u-pick in utero so this year they probably had a better time as they definitely had a better view. Joe and I wore them a la baby bjorn style through the orchard so it was much fun. The guys wore their Red Sox caps and their sunglasses so they looked like incognito Hollywood stars. After carrying two 18lbers around, we skipped the u-pick/u-carry apples and opted for the u-buy/u-eat cinnamon apple cider donuts. Brilliant and delicious.

Naturally, we forgot our camera and video camera and left the cell phones with cameras in the car. So here's a rough sketch that captures the day:

From left to right clockwise: Kathy, Joe, Jumpy, and Kicky

Lucky for us, Rob and Cindi (Kicky and Jumpy's godparents) had their vidcam so they got a family portrait. Papa Joe clicked away with his cell phone camera so the above sketch won't be the only Kodak moment.
To make up for the lack of apple picking are some "bathtime fun" photos.

rub-a-dub-dub, Jumpy's in the tub

Kicky kicks back

Hre's looking at you, Kicky
Kathy and Jumpy share a post-bath laugh and hug
G'nite and g'day,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Real Deal

Kevin took this shot

Jason took this one's the real deal on the sizes. Remember that we aren't doctors and don't play doctors on TV so the numbers might be off, in fact, probably are off.

Jason weighed in at 18.6lbs and 29" long.
Kevin weighed in at 17.6lbs and was 28" long.

Here's some eye candy for fans of Kicky and Jumpy.


Mini update

For those of you who aren't in the know....there've been some changes at Pokey Oaks. We canned our nanny for too many reasons to list. The boys of course had the final say and they said "you ARE the weakest link" (thank you Jason) and "you're fired" (thank you Kevin "I don't need a comb-over" Trump Doherty).

We're incredibly blessed in that our original choice (and hope) for a nanny was suddenly available and now we have Super Nanny Sue who has already won the boys over completely. Some background, again for those of you just joining the story, Sue is Kathy's best friend from NY. Kathy, in fact babysat/nannied/mommie's helpered Sue's kids. They turned out pretty great so we knew Sue would be awesome and she's already a part of our family so this was a no-brainer.

Sue came to the rescue very quickly (YAY Sue!) and has been doing a remarkable job. We see improvement in Kevin. He's very nearly back to his old happy / chatty self. Jason is definitely less cranky and sensitive. The pall has lifted and happiness reigns.

So, in future installments, when we say "Sue did this..." or "Sue made the boys laugh so hard that milk shot out of their noses" well, you'll know who we mean.

A huge thanks to Joe and Di (this is actually being written by Kathy because our ridiculous HP and blogspot won't let me log in or access the site unless I pretend to be Joe, so, whateverrrr) - back to the story - a huge thanks to Joe and Di who were interim Nanny and Manny while we figured out what we were going to do because naturally we canned the old nanny without really having a plan. Joe and Di did a great a job and the boys had a wonderful time visiting Reading, meeting new relatives, playing with new friends and hanging out with their cousins.

More gratitude and shout outs to:
- Mom and Dad (Opa and Oma or Grandpa and Gramma) for the adorable Halloween outfits and the super handy vinyl bibs
- Cindi, Joey and Molly for the adorable video and for entertaining the wee lads so well
- Diane - for the super cute tippy sippy cups that have been a b-i-g hit
- Brian - we're all praying for you!
- Andrew (Drew to his family/friends) - Kicky and Jumpy are enjoying your wardrobe immensely and look pretty darn sharp, if they do say so themselves!

I'll try to post shorter things more frequently. Measurements and new photos - tonight.



The boys are, coincidentally, 8 months old today. They are 36" long and weigh 30 lbs. Well, I might be rounding up or actually, making it up. Both boys passed out cold before a weigh-in and length-in could be completed. They look pretty long though. And they feel pretty heavy. So that'll have to do until I can get a good measurement tomorrow.

New fun twin activities.

Kevin is up on all fours and rocks back and forth. He does a wicked 180 and can even do a 360 degree turn at speeds of up to 1 mile per hour. He has made some movement forward, something like creeping. His new favorite thing is to look you dead in the eye, flash an adorable smile and then shake his head back and forth in a "no" manner. No teeth lately. But, he's putting the 2 he has to excellent use.

Jason is also aiming for forward movement. He's approaching it from a different angle however. He more or less scoots along pushing off things and rolling over his right arm. It's not creeping or crawling but it's movement. He's pretty quick at the 180 and 360 degree turns and is more than capable of stretching himself out to reach objects he wants. He continues to explore volume with his voice by squealing and shrieking. (This scares and annoys Kevin.)

Their heads are rounding out nicely.

Jason celebrated his big 8 mo by biting his brother. We were all surprised by this news as biting is more akin to toddler behavior. Kevin reacted much the way any of us would....he puddled up and cried. Poor Kevin. Jason was non-plussed. When I later asked him if he apologized to Kevin, he looked down and away. I took that to be a "no, I didn't" with a little "I'm not sorry" thrown in for good measure.

Tonight is bath measurements and new photos will be forthcoming.
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Off with their heads, out with the old, and let's change boats in mid-stream.
Remember the Maine, the Alamo and to use coupons.