Monday, September 8, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

And here we are....up to date.

The wee ones are 7 months old today. The Chinese might have claimed 8 for their luckiest digit but we Americans claimed 7...and what a grand number it is. The boys had a big day today. Their Dad was home with them to help celebrate. He took them for helmet tweaks and the wee lads' heads are rounding up nicely. (See helmet pix below and see rounder heads just below.)

They had a big birthday dinner of peas and rice cereal....mmm mmmm good. Then a bottle, 3 bedtime stories and then off to bed.

Jason is ringing in month #7 with 6, count 'em, 6 teeth. 4 uppers and 2 lowers. I'd show you a picture but he's non-compliant in the mouth-opening and saying "ahhhh" for the camera department. Kevin is celebrating month 7 with 2 teeth and swollen gums. Poor little guy.

They both have a funny sense of humor. Kevin likes Myrna Loy/William Powell least, he laughed at "Love Crazy". He spent Sunday afternoon laughing at every little thing I did (easy audience and a good ego boost for me). Jason has found his sense of humor and finds peek-a-boo and funny voices absolutely hysterical. He squeals frequently and is still a fan of Bunnytown with his new favorite TV person being Pinky Pinkerton.

They both will talk over me if I read to them, especially if they don't like the story or the pictures. Jason will frequently grab the book and take over. Kevin will take his dog, Fred, and talk to him ignoring storytime. They like Doo-wop music and find falsetto (a la Frankie Valli) funny. Bathtime is fun for them now...much splashing and kicking. They are almost too big and active for their bouncy seats and we've brought the exersaucer upstairs as Kevin has shown an interest. Jason, not one for change, is rejecting the exersaucer but loves to spend time on his tummy exploring whatever is nearby. Kevin has already learned to push his knees down and tush up, so crawling might not be far behind. Jason shows an interest in moving and is able to stretch himself, making himself longer so he can reach things. If he figures out the "feet down and scoot" method....our sitting down days will be numbered.

Both boys like cars and if NASCAR or a car commercial is on...they are both riveted. Move on over Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr.!

Kevin laughs at Delta, Ginger and Mango and Jason has learned to sling his arm around your shoulder if you are carrying him. Kevin likes to run his hands through my hair and was gently patting Joe's beard yesterday. Jason will grab your nose and squeeze (hard). Oh, and watch out if you wear glasses......he likes to grab and yank.

Both have good arms and can toss things pretty far. They are adept (sort of) at putting spoons in their mouths and like to feed themselves. They both can drink formula out of a cup (yes, well, it's a dixie cup but still....they can do it and understand what it's for).

Well, all that build are our boys as of today:

More Where That Came From

Jason does his Dr. Evil impression

Kevin loves bathtime

Jason and Mommy share a laugh

Kevin wows the camera

Old Business and then New

With our home computer doing double duty as Joe's work computer, I've had no SD card drive with which to download pix of the handsome Doherty boys so this post consists of several images. Some from their 6 month b-day, bathtime, dinnertime, etc.


Did we mention that they like food?

Don't go by their expressions.

Since these photos were taken....they've come around to our way of thinking.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teeth for Two

How sad that I am tempted to post-date a blog. In today's cashless world of debit cards, does the term "post-date" mean anything to anyone anymore?

Moving on.....
August was a hectic month and our wee lads' blog took a backseat to other activities. Hopefully Autumn will be kinder and quieter.

News, news and more news
Jason sprouted a second bottom tooth 24 hours after the first poked through.
THEN....Kevin, not to be outdone or left behind, pushed 2 bottom teeth out and all in 24 hours (or a bit less actually).

Jason celebrated Labor day by squeezing out 2 top teeth. Not to be like every other 6 mo old on the planet....he opted to sprout the 2 side front teeth so he has a vampire or "all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" thing going on. Very cute, odd, but cute.

Kevin wanted me to tell you that Joseph Biden was a lame choice for Obama to make and that the Palin choice is McCain pandering to women AND conservatives. Oh, and "What kind of name is 'Bristol'?" asks Jason.

Ciao All,

(I'll post pix tonight)