Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013 Wednesday + Thursday

On Wednesday we visited StoryLand and rode a lot of fun rides. The pictures of the day's events are below.
Jason, Drake the Dragon and Kevin

Boy meets Shark

Jason and a StoryLand soldier
Jason operates a backhoe

Jason enjoys the Farmland musical revue

Kevin and a StoryLand soldier

Kevin operates a backhoe

Leprechaun Jason sad over a lost pot o'gold

Leprechaun Kevin

Jason and Mommy in the Swan boats

Kevin and Mommy inside Crazy Barn

Scuba Diver Jason

Scuba Diver Joe
The Crazy Barn ride - the bar goes up in the air and moves around like
an electronic bull.

Close up of the Crazy Barn ride

Jason inside Peter Pumpkin's house

Jason in the window of Peter's Pumpkin house

Summer Vacation 2013 - Monday + Tuesday

On Monday we decided to head Northeast and visit Six Gun City. Joe had many fond memories of Six Gun City from his childhood. His newest memory will be of us pulling into the parking lot and being the 3rd car. Yes, the 3rd car in the lot. At 10AM. If I have to spell it out....it looks like this "Closed...forever"

Not a bunch of quitters, we jumped back on the highway and headed for Santa's Village. We rode on the carousel, the Humbug ride (Jason's favorite), the cars, the FireFighter ride (10 times in a row) and the Rudolph roller coaster (7 times in a row).

The day was hot and we ended up eating ice cream near the water park. Jason really wanted to visit the water park so on Tuesday....back to Santa's Village and a visit to the HO HO H20 water park.
Jason in blue shorts, me next to him. See the yeti on the top left and Frosty on the top right.
In the middle is a big, brown bucket. More on that in a second.

Kevin on left in green shorts and blue swim shirt, me and Jason in green trunks on the right.
Better shot of the Yeti, the bucket and Frosty. 

Note the scary, dark skies - eventually we are asked to leave the water park as
a thunderstorm is imminent.

Remember the big brown bucket from the first picture? The entire time it fills with water and then  a bell rings warning you of what you see above. It's a huge amount of ice cold water. See Kevin in green shorts and blue swim shirt waiting for it? The boys loved it.

Jason having a great time.

Hi !

Me, Kevin and Jason if you look carefully 

Me, Kevin and Jason

Kevin and I

Yay Kevin

Yay Jason