Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mr. Peanut

Jason was given a doctor's kit for Christmas. The stethoscope serves as more than a piece of medical equipment. It's also a tuba, a trombone and a monocle. When Jason isn't busy being a baseball player, a football player or Shaun White, he likes to pretend to be Mr. Peanut. Here's a quick clip of Mr. Peanut. That's a cane in his left hand and his "monocle" in his right hand.

Post by Jason

In a cleaning mood, I moved all the photos that Joe and I have taken lately to an external drive. Those photos are currently inaccessible so today's post will be brought to you by Jason. He's been a busy boy with his camera. Enjoy!

Jason captures Mom and Kevin making a robot.

Still making the robot.

Here's the robot (a lego one).

Different day, different toy. Toy airplane

Mimi and Papa on TV last weekend.

Dad took this one today. No NASCAR race so we played with Kevin's slot car race track and held our own race, the Doherty 200.

Jason captures Mom baking cookies last weekend.

Dad, up close and personal.

Dad waves hi to Jason.