Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Trip to Zoo

We had a taste of Spring over the weekend. The boys had been housebound for 2 weeks while they recovered from a particularly nasty cold virus so the time was right to get out and run around.

We visited the Stone Zoo in Stoneham. The first critter we ran into was the eagle. Jason couldn't get enough of the eagle. We returned to the eagle over and over and over. Repeat visits to the eagle meant that our party of 4 got separated early on. Joe and Kevin trotted off (quite literally for Kevin). Jason and I returned to the eagle. I did manage to get Jason to visit an owl and a lynx. As it was mid-day, most of the animals were napping. Jason wandered up to each cage/animal and yelled "Wake UP!"

The red fox was not amused. Neither was the owl, the lynx. Interestingly, the otters didn't mind.

The funny (meaning humorous AND odd) thing is what the boys spent the most time doing and enjoying at the zoo. Jason was fascinated by the cars driving by the zoo. He commented on most of them. Describing the colors, sizes, and/or types. He wanted to play in the dirt and leaves mostly. He tried to splash in puddles and eat 2 month old snow. After meeting up with Joe and Kevin, I learned that Kevin was the same way. Puddles, snow, cars. Oh, and the backhoe and the bulldozer in the parking lot.

Jason had a particularly cute moment. As I tried to lure him to any spot without snow, I said, "Let's go find the wolfs." Jason responded, "Wooolfie, where are youuuu?" Cutey.

He also pinched his nose when we approached the yak. And yes, the yak was P.U. smelly.