Monday, August 17, 2009

1 1/2

Sorry for no post of late. Vacation, work overload and then the recent IE Service pack update have all kept me from being able to blog. Lots to tell ya'll but first .. a late milestone post.

The boys turned 1 1/2 on August 8th. Remember that we don't do months but for those of you still offering your age in months, the boys are 18 months old.

It's incredible to Joe and to me that the time has passed so quickly. The boys are really so amazing and we're having so much fun and perhaps that is why the time is fleeting. This post will be a brief one but I'll do a longer one detailing the past month and Oma's and Opa's visit.

27.2 lbs
3' tall (not a scientific measurement but complete guess)
Size 7 shoe
Wears 24 mo size clothing
curly hair

Jason likes:
Figuring out how things work
Figuring out how things are built
Watching people
Playing the drums
Playing the maracas
Favorite songs: I Walk The Earth by King Biscuit Time, Chicory Chick by Sammy Kaye, Summer on the Animal Kingdom soundtrack, I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat by Mel Blanc
Favorite Sesame Character: Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster
Favorite books: Little People Farm Flap book, The Little Engine That Could, Gallop, Fairytale book

26.2 lbs
3' tall (again, a total guess)
Size 6 1/2 shoe
Wears 12-18 mo size clothing
wavy hair

Kevin likes:
Running around the house
Chasing/popping bubbles
Blowing bubbles in his milk
Favorite Sesame Character: Abby Cadabby, Oscar (pronounced Ok-ar)
Favorite books: Little People Search for Hippos, Elmo's Blanket, Zoom zoom, Baa Baa

Lots of new words from both lads: apple, Barry, Patriots, octopus, drive the bus (if you've read Mo Willems' "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" then this will make sense), upupup, spaceship (pretty close anyway), I see, ear, mouth, eyes, octopus, ball, bat, muah, Opa.

Jason is into making a fish face. The new issue of Animal Babies arrived and in it a little girl makes a fish face and on the opposite page is a fish face. Jason felt inspired enough to make his own fish face.

Kevin is into climbing everything. If left unattended, it's a certainty that upon return he'll be standing on something that he's climbed. He does a funny little dance shaking his booty after he's managed to climb up on something. It's something like a victory dance.

Speaking of dancing. Both boys like to. Kevin does a funny little thing that my parents called "happy feet" and that name has stuck. If you ask Kevin to show you his happy feet, he'll start dancing around. Cutey. Both boys like to dance and they are so darn cute when they do it.

Jason is big-time into music. We've heard King Biscuit Time's I Walk the Earth more times than anyone else on the Earth. I've been trying to expose him to more songs and Jason has expanded his special music list to include Mel Blanc and Sammy Kaye. Kevin is good natured about hearing the same song a zillion times and hasn't registered any complaints.

Must run. Ta!