Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Elmer Fudds

Have I mentioned that the boys love music? They are both musical. Jason is very good at playing the drums and the maracas. Kevin likes the drum but really enjoys the xylophone/piano. They've formed a band. They are called 'The Elmer Fudds".  

Here's a photo of the band. 
Move on over Jonas Brothers

Here's the mother of twin 1 year olds reading a birthday card to Jason. 

On Saturday, Jason walked all by himself. 3 steps. 3 steps for mankind and for babies everywhere.  The few parenting books we own say "After those initial steps, the toddler will be walking within days."  Hmm. This information was supported/confirmed by friends who after hearing about Jason's 3 step adventure said,"You'll be chasing him by the end of the week."

Here Kevin reads the new Sesame "Nighty-Night" book. This book is a big hit at our house. There is much giggling and smiling on the Baby Ernie, Baby Elmo and Baby Bert pages. Both boys have pulled this book off the book nook shelf several times and I frequently find one or both sitting in the corner perusing it.

 Here's another PR shot of The Elmer Fudds. Clearly, Kevin "Keys" Doherty isn't  happy with something while Jason "Mad drummer" Doherty is A-OK with everything.

Nice hats boys.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog update

Hi - Formerly clicking on pictures enlarged them. Somehow that feature went away. Well, it's been restored. You can enlarge the birthday pix by clicking on them. Enjoy! 

Birthday Boy

We have another birthday boy in the house. JOE!
Joe celebrated his 40th year big time with a family party on Sunday, a dinner party on Monday, a luncheon with friends on Tuesday and a luncheon with friends on Wednesday!

Blinded by light, eh? Now, now, look closely, it's 2 cakes. That's right 2 cakes. Rob, our brother-in-law, celebrated his birthday on Sunday so the 2 Aquarians shared their party. There was an ice cream cake and a regular cake. MMMMM

The party will keep on rolling with pizza and brownies at home tonight.

Here's a pic of the birthday boy.

The Stats

Jason: 1 year old, 23 lbs 10 oz., 31" long

Kevin: 1 year old, 22 lbs, 30 1/2" long


FELIZ CUMPLEANOS to our boys, Jason and Kevin. They turned 1 on Sunday, February 8th. They celebrated in high style with a party on Saturday, more celebrating on Sunday and then recovery time on Sunday and Monday followed by a one year pediatric visit.

Saturday started at 6 ayem, pretty normal. The boys played then had breakfast. Here's a pic of us doing a dry run of "Happy Birthday" and putting on/wearing party hats. Later, Gomez swung by and paid the wee lads a visit, played with them and gave prezzies to Kicky and Jumpy.

Afterwards, the birthday boys had nap time and then lunchtime which coincided with the start of the party. By this time several party goers had arrived. After brief introductions, Kicky threw himself into the party and played with everyone and was his typical bouncy self (literally). Jason, always a bit more reserved, checked out the room and decided that everyone was cool enough to hang out with him and he finally threw himself into the spirit of the party.

They were ok with being fed by new people but with ballons and new faces and party guests arriving, not much food was eaten. But there was a lot of smiling, laughing and raspberry blowing. The balloons were a big hit, huge hit - we could've skipped gifts. (10 days later, the balloons continue to be a hit). We had a 4' tall Elmo balloon, a #1 balloon and then 2 Sesame balloons with Bert, Ernie and Elmo. Kevin is adorable in that he sits on the floor and waves at the Elmo balloon. Jason smiles and sometimes waves at Elmo.

Back to the party....I left off with guests arriving and the boys having a great time. Kicky and Jumpy loved watching the little kids and were quite taken with the little girls who reciprocated their fascination. The boys really enjoyed being the center of attention and playing with everyone. And then before you could blink, it was time for CUPCAKES!

We served chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with little candy Elmos on them. The boys were great...they wore their party hats (see pic) and beamed as everyone sang to them. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Kevin and then sang "Happy Birthday" to Jason. So each boy got his props (as the rappers say). Here's a pic of the cupcake tower and the boys enjoying being feted.

Their first time eating icing and cupcakes was pretty funny. When trying new foods, Kevin sticks things right into his mouth without hesitation. Jason typically sticks his tongue out and waits for you to touch the new food to his tongue. Normally, he pulls his tongue back in and shudders before any real contact occurs. It takes several cautious taps to the tongue before a new food is really ever tasted and even then, who knows how it will all turn out. Half the time he finds the new item unacceptable. But not this time! Icing is a good food, says Jason.

Jason considers the merits of icing while Jason chows on candy Elmo.

Just think, all this time we've been so careful about what we feed sugar, no salt, no food coloring....obviously all that went out the window on their birthday.

Another funny thing....Kevin gets his cupcake and removes candy Elmo and promptly chows down on him. Jason removes candy Elmo and smiles at him and then sets him down on his tray. Moral of story...Kevin loves his friends and will eat them if they look yummy. Jason loves his friends and won't eat them even if they look yummy. Donner, party of 1.

The boys lllloved the cupcakes, the singing and the attention. They hammed it up for the crowd. They genuinely had a good time, someting we were not expecting as they can both be a bit shy or simply unwilling to humor us. After the sugar wore off, they had bottles and naps and slept like babies. Ha, right. They bounced up and down in their cribs until gradually (after much baby talk - perhaps a baby discussion about the day's events?) the chat tapered off and the boys drifted off.

The boys woke up and continued to party. Things wrapped up at 4 and the partygoers were gone. Shortly afterward my brother and his wife arrived so there was still a bit of partying left to do. They boys' dinner consisted of more party hats, more singing (this time Jason first and Kevin second) and more cupcakes and icing. A great time was had by all.

The boys played for a bit and then we did our best to remove icing, red food dye and cake from their faces before bedtime.

BTW, Zout is a terrific stain remover but candy Elmo + Kevin saliva makes for an impossible stain.


Sunday started out normally enough, another 6 ayem kickoff time. But then the boys went back to bed at 8:30 and slept until 10. Very unsual but wonderful as everyone was beat and we followed their example. All that partying had caught up with them. Kicky and Jumpy spent their birthday in their PJs. They had a nice brunch at 10:30 followed by gifts. Afterwards there was a mid-day nap followed by lunch and then opening presents. A late day nap followed by a bottle and dinner and then opening more presents. The day ended with a bottle and then bed. A great way to spend a birthday. Resting, relaxing and playing with toys. Here's a pic of Jason checking out his new mini Tonka trucks.


Kevin plays with twin Raggedy Andys.

Kevin is ok with it. Monday comes and the boys are still recovering.
They definitely needed another PJ-day. I observe the boys from the hallway outside their room and
watch Jason and Kevin do a tug-of-war over a toy...pretty typical day at our house. However on any given day Kevin does the snatching and Jason relents. Not so today. Jason has a toy, Kevin grabs said toy and then Jason reaches over and grabs it from Kevin. Jason then flashes Kevin a "you're going to get it" look. I think to myself, "Hmm,
perhaps they should have some time apart today." Kevin, wisely and for the first time, relents and moves onto another toy.
Then, I'm off to work. Joe stays home. Sue arrives from NY. The boys

are due at the pediatrician's at 2 pm. I zip home, boys are fed, changed (thank u Sue), we zip them up, load them in, and off we go. WEEEEEEEEEEEE! It takes a village. Anyone who says differently is lying or in denial.

We arrive at the Doc's office and the boys are great, relaxed, well-behaved. Jason is sits there while Kevin is bouncing up and down. Kevin smiles away and Jason keeps a watchful eye on the Dr and his notebook PC. The boys are measured, weighed and examined. They both pass muster. Dr. G is impressed by the fact that the boys say "Hi Dada" something about grouping 2 words. Maybe it's my practical mid-west
upbringing but I respond,"Well, they are just imitating us. We say 'Hi Dada' several time throughout the day. They don't know that they are grouping 2 words." Dr's response...blank stare. Yes, it'll take a lot more than that to impress me, Doc. Hahaha. In fact, Joe and I ARE impressed but we're the parents so duh, we still get giddy when they smile at us.

Anyway, it was your typical, uneventful HMO 15 min. visit. No stickers this time but they were given 2 pretty cool board books about big trucks. Jason found his to be pretty tasty. Then at the end there were shots and tears. The much over-hyped MMR vaccine was delivered. Then, back home we went. Jason dozed off on the 2 min ride home. Joe sat in the driveway playing with his new Blackberry while Kevin and I went inside.


Both boys have been doing longer stretches of freestanding. It's taken me a full week to write this so today is Thursday. I started this on Monday so yes, the freestanding durations have increased in 4 days time. On Tuesday AM, Kevin said "Jayce" and looked around our bedroom, looking for his brother. This is the first time we've heard Kevin say this. We first heard Jason say "Jayce" over the weekend. Since Kevin can say "kitty" we aren't sure why he hasn't attempted his name but it's just a matter of time.

So, this is one, says Jason.

Jason is adept at imitating us. He gives "high-fives" and has ever since Joe first showed him how to do it last week. Kevin is now clapping, this has been going on for a week. He also sits on the floor and waves at Elmo (an Elmo birthday balloon). His wave is impressive and he does it to everyone and everything. So adorable.

When the boys meet up after being apart (i.e. getting together first thing in the AM or after naps) they crawl towards each other and head butt each other. Sometimes they do it gently and it's very cute. Sometimes they crawl from opposite sides of the room and it ends badly with bumped noggins and some tears.

They hold hands after lunch and/or dinner. Kevin will stretch his hand towards Jason and Jason will take his hand. Very sweet.

Today (Thu) after 7 am bottles, the boys played in their room. I hear great big belly laughs and peels of laughter. I look in on the boys and Jason is sitting up against the inside of the Aquarium tunnel rocking it back and forth while Kevin sits outside of it. They are playing peek-a-boo with each other and having a great time.

Jason does a terrific Elvis impersonation, Las Vegas Elvis where he sort of squats and swings his arm around in a circulation motion. Uncanny.
Kevin used to make an adorable kissy face when he was very little. He stopped somewhere around 4 months but then last week, he suddenly started up again. Yes, it's still adorable. Jason sat and rocked-n-rolled in the aquarium tunnel today....still darn cute.

Tuesday Feb 17th
So, I'm just now coming up for air. It's been a busy Feb. Let's see if I can get this wrapped up today. Today Jason said "Hi Jason". The first full pronounciation of his name AND he paired it with Hi. Tremendous! Well done Jason. We were sitting in the nursery playing...Jason inside the aquarium tunnel (his "secret" hideout) and Kevin was just beside the tunnel. We were playing peek-a-boo with me as the intermediary. I would ask Kevin "Where is Jason?" and Jason would pop out and look around the side at Kevin. I found it interesting that Jason grasped the concept that I could see him and Kevin couldn't so even though I was saying "Where's Jason?" he understood that it was Kevin who couldn't see him so he intentionally popped his head around the side so that Kevin could see him. It's neat to see them grasp and explore larger concepts. It'll be great when they understand that a finger in the eye is a bad idea.

Kevin is giving the Queen of England a run for her money when it comes to waving. He's so darn cute. He waves hello, goodbye, goodnight, cutie pie. Today he was playing with the roundabout and he was playing with it in the actual manner that it was designed to be played with. For awhile he started putting the balls into new locations instead of the drop in at the top. No big deal as the balls all found their way out of the toy. He understood that putting the ball into the left side meant it came out on the right so this was another important concept grasped. Yay Kevin!

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. I'll post this after I download photos. Ta!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wait for it....

Big day on Sunday. Numero Uno birthday for our Kicky and Jumpy.  I could say that they are excited but that wouldn't necessarily be true. They are a bit oblivious of upcoming events. Sue has been singing Happy Birthday to them, talking about cake and parties and practicing blowing out candles.  I sing "Good Morning to You" to them each day, a trend my Mom started when she was staying with us. So they recognize the tune. They have never seen fire so the candles will be interesting. 

It's been a hectic is crazy (as Mugatu says in Zoolander, is everyone taking crazy pills?). We've been getting ready for the party and then there's Valentine's and Joe's big Four-OH. Yes, you heard it here first. 4 -0.

There hasn't been much time for blogging but I thought I'd do a quick post to keep ya'll up to date on recent developments.

The Kickmeister is growing upwards. He's stretching out and nearly as tall as Jumpy. Jumpy, on the other hand, is filling out and each time we pick him feels like he's got bricks and rolls of quarters in his pockets.

There is much teething going on at Pokey Oaks. Both boys have molars menacing them. Motrin is our friend and helps them get a good night's rest or at least some rest at night. Last night was a rocky one with the Motrin only easing the pain a little bit. Jason's top ones have dropped down nicely. Kevin's bottom ones are breaking through as is Jason's lower left side molar. 

Kevin has been saying random words. He will repeat things after we say them.  For example, in the AM, I'll bring him into our room and I'll say "Hi Daddy, It's Kevin" and Kevin will say "Hi Dada". He is getting better at "Kitty Cat" but it can vary.."Kit At", "Itty At", "Kitty At", etc. He knows "milk"
 and "food".  At night when I say "Come on Kevin....time for milk" He'll raise his arms to be picked up or he'll crawl over and grab Fred (his best friend aside from Jason) and then crawl over to me for his bottle.  Jason also knows "milk". If I ask him if he wants milk, he'll smack his lips.  Jason has been practicing saying his name. It sounds like "Jay" or "Jayce".  

There is more free-standing going on. Free-standing - Moments when one or both boys are standing w/o benefit of holding onto a nearby object.  They are also letting go of an object before having a hold of another object. Last night (and this is a scary thing), Jason raised his foot and looked like he was ready to climb the bookcase in the living room. This led to the introduction of a new house phrase: We keep our feet on the floor

Other new house phrases:
The couch is for your seat, not your feet
We eat food, not toys
Feet on the floor
Pat kitty gently (they are very good about this)
You like peas (or fill in the name of the food), trust me
The gate is not a toy

Back to the party prep.....the theme is Elmo. Both boys love Elmo and while they love Ernie and Bert more, there are no E+B party decorations out there. Sesame knows who the cash cow in their business is.  We're doing cupcakes and snacks and are hoping that in keeping the party small, that the boys have fun and don't get too freaked out. They don't do well in large groups. Hopefully having people trickle in will ease them into a party mood.

In an effort to expand their world and acclimate them to different experiences/people/environments, Joe and I have been discussing how the boys should have more outings and adventures. Each weekend we take them someplace new or different. Last week > iParty and Trader Joe's.  Both boys seemed to enjoy people watching. Joe spent most of his time putting silly hats on the boys and himself and generally entertaining himself, them and other shoppers.  TJ's was busy and Jason and Joe stood near the door watching the crazy shoppers while Kevin and I walked the aisles looking for babyfood. No success there but Kevin seemed to enjoy his tour of the store.

I'm working on an outing to the New England Aquarium and the Children's Museum.  I think they'd like both. The funny part is that we'll spend more time getting there and locating parking than we will spend inside the actual places. Oh well.

Well, this post will need to hold you until Sunday and then I'll post the party pix.