Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Second Post, actual useful information!

Happy day-after-Christmas! We had a wonderful time with the Doherty family on Christmas Eve and a really fun party that we hosted at our tiny home on Christmas day with many, many Johnsons.

Of course, the big news of the day is the sex of the babies. A few months ago, we had the Doctor write down the two babies' gender on a Christmas card which we sealed up and stuck on the fridge. We waited until Christmas morning to open the card, and sure enough, the answer was there: both babies are BOYS! That's right, I will be the father to twin sons.

How scary is that thought?

Anyway, the babies are gestating away properly. Kathy is still in significant pain from what appears to be a muscle pull and spasm under her right-side ribs and back. I do everything I can to help make her comfortable and I've picked up pretty much 98% of all housework, chores, sock-putting-on, etc. It's tiring, but absolutely worth every second.

As I'm sure it's the same way with most Dads-to-be, I often find it difficult to feel like I'm part of this pregnancy. The focus is on Mom, which is how it should be. By doing nearly everything around the house (even with a pinched nerve of my own), I feel that I'm at least contributing something to the production of the infants. Kathy is really, really good about acknowledging her gratitude of my efforts, and that really helps me get up in the morning to face another day of chores. So Moms-to-be out there, thank your husband from time to time if he's pulling double duty to help you relax and grow babies. If he's not doing squat, pull the pregnancy/hormone card and go ballistic! Hooyeah.

Exhausted, sore...but elated,
- Joe

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hello World

Greetings everyone!

It's about that time of year...the snow is falling (a little too much, actually), the Patriots and Celtics are winning a lot, Roger Clemens named in steroid scandal...seems like my list to Santa is being answered quite nicely.

So anyway, just thought I would start this blog to document and celebrate my beautiful wife Kathy and all of her tireless efforts gestating our twins. And, naturally, the twins themselves (the number one item on the forementioned list).

This being the first entry, it's chocked full of absolutely nothing relevant at all. In the time to come, I will attempt to write something of interest to you all, although I cannot guarantee anything.